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Behind The Scenes of New Garden Show

As you know, I am the Associate Producer of the new garden show, "Growing A Greener World" that will air nationally on PBS this spring. (You can read my previous post about the show here.) We did some filming this week and it was FUN, FUN, FUN.

Here is the BEHIND THE SCENES scoop! You guys are getting it FIRST!


The main mission of GGW is to tell the story of how people, places and companies are using gardening and eco-friendly practices to promote environmental stewardship and how viewers can apply these same principles in their own little corner of the world. Great stuff!

Joe Lamp'l, the Producer and host of the series, and I have been working hard to create a wonderful lineup of episodes for you. We have some wonderful gardens, incredible gardeners and intriguing projects to show and we can't wait to get started telling these compelling stories to all of you! I will be posting about some of the upcoming episodes later.

Nathan2 We also recently hired Chef Nathan Lyon for the show and had our first shoot with Nathan this week. What a find!

How did we find Nathan? I posted in an entertainment bulletin looking for a professional chef with TV savvy. Each applicant had to send me their resume, head-shot and video reel. I received hundreds of entries. Yes…HUNDREDS! My job, was to screen all the applicants and send Joe the ones with potential. We had an incredible talent pool to choose from. We had top chefs from around the country trying out for this position. It was a tough choice from the beginning. I sent Joe the best of the best and then together, we narrowed it down to just FOUR. After interviewing all four finalist, we still loved them all. They were all so incredibly talented and each brought unique skills to the table.

But in the end, Nathan Lyon got the job. He is all about eating local, fresh food and he has an incredible background that combines culinary arts with health and local farming. He has his own cooking show on Fit TV and Discovery Health called "Lyon in the Kitchen" and he also cooks on the TLC show "Home Made Simple". Nathan packs tons of great information and take away tips into his cooking segments. He is high energy with a down-to-earth personality. You guys are going to love him.

Nathan's job on GGW is to take the food from the gardens we visit and show viewers how to cook it up into something wonderful! Isn't that just what we as gardeners want? We grow it, but can run out of ideas on how to use it. Well, I can tell you after watching Nathan on the first shoot…he is our answer. He "gets" gardening and he "gets" what we are looking for in recipes: simple, quick AND delicious.

This week's filming took place in North Carolina, but I was able to participate (via Skype) from here in Los Angeles. How cool is that?


That is me (in the middle) between Joe Lamp'l and Nathan Lyon.

As it turned out, I had the best seat in the house as Joe placed my computer screen directly across from the set, next to the main camera. (Poor Joe had to set over on the sidelines to watch. Ha!) I sat all day from the comfort of my chair at home and yet, I was part of the action every step of the way. It was actually good that I was home because I am fighting a cold. But, the guys took care of me! They even sat a bowl of the butternut squash soup Nathan made in front of the computer for me. Now that was nice. Ahhhhh.

Canning2 I will post about future shoots as they happen. We will be taping around the country and will be doing some segments in my own garden as well.

And for those of you interested in canning and preserving, fear not! As the resident certified Master Food Preserver, I will be featured on some segments to teach all about preserving your harvest. Great stuff!

You guys are getting the "behind the scenes" information before any of the shows air. Stay tuned…

Photo Credits: All GGW Photos by Jordan Crossingham

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About the Author:

Theresa Loe is the founder of Living Homegrown® and the Canning Academy® and is the Co-Executive Producer & Canning Expert on the national PBS gardening series, Growing A Greener World®. Theresa homesteads on just 1/10th of an acre in Los Angeles with her husband, two teenage boys and several disorderly but totally adorable chickens. Learn more about Living Homegrown here and about the Canning Academy here.


  • Joe Lamp'l says:

    And it was so great having you join us for the shoot Theresa. But I don’t think you mentioned that while you were watching from the comfort of your own home, you were all bundled up in your snuggy and big fluffy socks! BTW, love the pic of “Theresa’s Angels”. LOL.

  • Snuggly?! Snuggly?!

    For the record, I was NOT wearing a snuggly Joe. I had a very tasteful fleece blankie covering my warm, fuzzy socks…Thank-you-very-much.

    It was fun when you carried around the computer to give me a tour of the set. (Joe said I was light as a feather. A girl always loves to hear that!)

    We had a roaring good time! Can’t wait to show it to the world. We make a fun and productive team.

  • I can’t wait to see the segment on canning and preserving. This is one area I need to master to take full advantage of my backyard gardening efforts. I have to admit, the image I used to have in my mind about canning was creepy basements filled with dusty specimen-looking quart jars. If anyone can change that image in my mind, it’s you T Loe!

    I still need that pickled egg recipe to go with my favorite brew, Ninkasi IPA!


  • Looks like you guys have a great session lined up! Best of luck with the rest of the episodes… Teresa

  • Hey Jamie,

    I’m your gal for changing that image!

    I am all about making canning hip and fun. No dusty specimen jars involved. I promise. It is all about preserving the freshness of the garden in a jar to be enjoyed later.

    Many are intimidated by canning. But I can take away your fear! It is safe, easy and OH-so-wonderful to open a jar months after the harvest is gone to enjoy it again.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Howdy Teresa without an “h”,

    We have so many awesome episodes to film we just don’t know how we are going to do it all! You are gonna LOVE it. We even have some information coming about HERBS – one of your favorites.


  • Bren says:

    OH MY WORD… this is going to be a totally awesome GARDEN PLUS show! I can’t wait. WE truly need something fun and exciting like this! Nathan Lyon – awesome!!! I love how he is about eating local, fresh (out of the garden)and culinary arts background. Would love to have y’all stop by my neck of the woods to cook up something from my fresh goodies this summer!

    Super Excited about MAY 15! Thank you for keeping us up to date.

  • Sure Bren!

    Thanks for stopping by. Nathan is pretty good at whipping up something from just a few ingredients. Look at this article written this week in North Carolina where he did just that for the writer:

  • Very exciting Theresa..keep us posted!

  • carrie says:

    I can’t wait to learn more about canning! This will help me & the family so much, as we grow almost all of our own veggies. I tried last summer, but could use a new approach.I look forward to you taking it to the next level. When “can” we see it?

  • Thanks Shirley,

    Will do! And I will be sending your information to keep your viewers posted on Garden World Report!

    If any of you haven’t seen it yet, you can get the latest garden news from Shirley over at

  • Thanks for stopping by Carrie,

    You bet we are taking canning and preserving to the next level! Just watch!

    Lots of great canning recipes, tips and information will be on the show and website.

    Stay tuned!


  • I have been waiting for something like this. I hope my local PBS channel will carry it.

  • Thanks Carol,

    We will be airing nationally, so we should hit your market. As we get closer to air date (May 15th) I will be able to tell you exactly which PBS stations will be carrying the show. We will also have lots of bonus material (including video) on the official show website.

    I will keep you all posted!


  • Cindy Sue says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m so very excited. This does look like FUN FUN FUN. My oldest son and I are a big fans and can’t wait! Will have to go find you and DVR you right now!!!

  • Seedling says:

    SO excited and it looks like you guys have fun while doing it. So excited for more info on canning- trying to gear up to do that with some of my veggies this summer!

  • Aanee says:

    Yeah, looks like you folks had blast.
    Have to check out the PBS website for the video and bonus stuff.


  • Aanee-

    Yes, yes! Please check us out. You can watch all the episodes on line at any time too. Go to:

    That is also where we have bonus material, articles, blog posts, recipes…Lots of good info from the show.

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