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Let's take this to the next level!

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The Canning Academy®

Cultivating the Next Generation of Canners

The Canning Academy® is an online (self-paced) training designed to take you by the hand and walk you (step-by-step) through the world of jams, jellies, fruit preserves, pickles and tomatoes.

Listen…the idea of canning can be intimidating if you don’t have someone to show you the ropes.

It looks hard and complicated. And then of course, there’s the worry about poisoning somebody. Sheesh!

But fear not! The Canning Academy is your safety zone.

Be transformed from a newbie, fearful canner to an experienced, confident canner who knows all the cool advanced tricks to capture seasonal flavor.

The doors to the Canning Academy only open to new students a few times per year.

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Living Homegrown Institute

An online monthly membership to help you master the skills of small-space food growing, artisan food crafts & a balanced farm-fresh lifestyle.

Listen…Organic, wholesome food should be easy.

But the truth is…You need a unique skill set in order to have local, organic produce at your fingertips and home-crafted foods (like fermented veggies and homemade yogurt) at the ready.

The Living Homegrown Institute helps you build those skills in a fun, supportive environment filled with monthly Masterclasses (taught by Theresa and other top organic experts), Step-by-Step Lessons and Mini-Trainings for quick wins.

You learn everything from heirloom tomato growing to fermenting and cheesemaking. There are video workshops, articles and PDF worksheets. And a private Facebook Group to share wins and gain support.

It’s delicious and fun!

Membership only opens a few times per year. Sign up to be notified of the next opening!

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Lifestyle Productivity For The Home

Do less, achieve more and simplify your life

Coming Soon!

FINALLY!  A productivity course specifically geared toward gardeners, homesteaders and foodies.

In this course, you learn to be more efficient at home so that you have more free time to do the things that you love!

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