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Living Homegrown Podcast - LivingHomegrown.comLiving Homegrown Podcast:

This weekly podcast is all about getting the best seasonal, fresh-picked flavor without having to buy the farm!

Topics include:

  • Canning, Preserving & Fermenting
  • DIY Food Crafting (homemade yogurt, butter, cheese, sourdough, etc)
  • Small-Space Food Growing
  • Tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle

Episodes alternate between instructional “how-to” and interviews with top authors & experts.

All episodes (with show notes) are listed below and include a full transcript PDF.

Many have free, downloadable bonus material.

You can listen within the show notes below, subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, or listen on Stitcher.

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Enjoy the full listing of episodes below.


LH 93: Backyard Foraging


Backyard Foraging with Ellen Zachos at

What!? We can eat daylilies & hostas?. Author Ellen Zachos shares tips for safely eating all kinds of common plants that you never knew were edible.

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LH 91: Using the Harvest


Learn the many uses for ALL parts of our garden harvest – from petals, leaves, roots, and seeds to flavorful fruit.

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LH 89: Permaculture 101


Learn what permaculture is and how to apply it to your own garden to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly space.

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LH 87: Simple Organic Gardening Hacks


Learn simple organic gardening hacks that can save you money and time. Interview with Shawna Coronado.

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LH 86: Redeem Your Ground


Learn how one landscape designer creates lasting family experiences for his clients by focusing on the important things.

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LH 85: Raising Backyard Rabbits


Learn about the benefits of raising rabbits. From nutrient-rich manure to fiber for spinning, these sweet creatures as beneficial as chickens when added to your small-space.

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LH 84: Raising Backyard Ducks


Learn how to raise your own mini flock of backyard ducks so you can enjoy the incredible eggs. Ducks are easier than you think!

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LH 83: Important Garden Lessons


Straight taking garden wisdom from 8 well-known authors and garden experts. What they know NOW, that they wish they knew THEN.

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LH 82: Healing Gardens


Learn how you can tap into your garden to de-stress, heal and connect with nature. You don’t have to be ill to reap the healing benefits of gardening.

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