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Day 7: BPA-Free Canning with Weck Jars

Day 7: Weck Jars

I have canned all my life, but I first learned about Weck jars about 18 years ago. They were the sexy European jars with cool shapes and these interesting clips. But back then, they were unattainable for me due to their high cost and the fact that you had to order them from Germany or England. A few years back, I saved up my pennies and bought a few. They rocked! I still use them and love them.

How to Can with Weck JarsToday, Weck jars are still expensive (although less than before) and they are a lot easier to find because more people are doing home canning. They are looking for unusual alternatives to the typical mason canning jars and Weck fits the bill.

Peaceful Valley/

Luckily for us, Peaceful Valley/ has offered to give one of YOU a case of SIX beautiful Weck canning jars to try for yourself! Now, I have to tell you that Peaceful Valley is one of my favorite go-to resources for not only canning supplies and homesteading equipment but all things garden and farm related. I buy from them all the time.

I mean…  All. The. Time.

So, of course they needed to be included as a resource in my 31 Days of Living Homegrown and they graciously offered to share some Weck jars with one of you! I have more information on Peaceful Valley/ and the Giveaway below.

Weck Jars & Safety:

When I became a Certified Master Food Preserver (many years ago), I was sad to learn that the USDA does not officially endorse the use of Weck jars. However, this is NOT because the jars are unsafe. It is simply because they have not yet been tested by the USDA. But I can assure you that they are safe. They are the gold standard of canning practices in Europe & Canada.

What Does It Mean To Be BPA-Free?

BPA free canning jar - WeckAside from being sleek and cool, Weck jars are BPA free. But what does that mean?

Well, BPA stands for Bisphenol-A which is a synthetic estrogen used to make plastic hard and create a coating that keeps metal from rusting. It is currently in most of the standard canning lids except Weck (because they are glass) and Tattler Lids (which are made from a different kind of plastic). The bottom line is that you really don’t want your food to be in contact with BPA because it leaches into the food. And with Weck, it is a non-issue.

I wrote an extensive post on BPA in Canning Lids over on our TV show website. You can get more detailed information there.

How to Can with Weck Jars

Canning with Weck JarsAs you can see, Weck jars do not have the standard 2-part lid we are used to here in America. Instead, they have a glass lid, rubber gasket and two metal clips. The glass parts are used repeatedly, but the gaskets are replaced with each canning session.

Originally, this post was going to be on how to use a Weck jar for canning. But then I discovered that my favorite fellow canner, Marisa McClellan already wrote an excellent post with step-by-step instructions. So when you are ready to use a Weck, you can see all the steps at: Canning 101 – How to Can Using Weck jars. It is well done.

Other Uses:

Just like all canning jars, Weck jars can be used for other things besides canning! I keep a jar on my desk clipped and filled with paperclips. Okay…weird, I know! HA! But I l just love looking at this sleek jar every day.

I would love to hear some ways you all use canning jars (any brand) in non-canning ways. (See ways to win below)

The Giveaway!

Mini Weck Tulip Canning jar

Six Mini Jelly Weck Jars – Tulip Shape

The contest is now closed. Thank you for all of your comments! The winner will be announced shortly.

Even though it is not canning season, you do NOT want to miss an opportunity to get free jars! They will become your favorite for many, many years.

Our friends at Peaceful Valley/ are giving away the Weck jars for this post. Now, you may be surprised to learn that they carry canning supplies, but that is what I love about Peaceful Vally. They actually carry everything that a homesteader would want and they have informative how-to videos. Be sure to check them out.

The jars you can win are the Mini Jelly Tulip style. You get a case of SIX beautiful jars!

You get up to THREE CHANCES to win!

Subscribers are already automatically entered.


Increase your odds by doing all three of the following! 

  1. COMMENT: Leave a comment below telling us one “non-canning” way that you use canning jars or why you “need” these jars. You may do this once. (Example: “I use canning jars a vases” or “I need these sexy jars to make myself sexy.”)
  2. SUBSCRIBE: If you are not all ready a subscriber, sign up for my newsletter for a second way to enter. NO need to comment that you subscribed. I automatically get a notification if you. If you are already a subscriber to my weekly and/or monthly newsletter, you are already automatically entered once. No need to sign up again!
  3. SHARE ON FACEBOOK: Share this post on Facebook and come back and comment below that you did. (You may do this ONE TIME ONLY.)

DETAILS: You must live in the lower 48 states to win. (Sorry) The giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday, January 13th, 2013. Then I will randomly pick a winner and notify them via email. (So be sure your email address is correct when you comment or subscribe.). Once I have the winner confirmed, I will post here and on Facebook and Peaceful Valley will ship out the jars.

Good Luck!

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Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this post. All the opinions given here are my own. I just wanted to feature one of my favorite companies. The prize of free jars only goes to a lucky reader and I receive no compensation whatsoever in this contest.


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Theresa Loe is the founder of Living Homegrown® and the Canning Academy® and is the Co-Executive Producer & Canning Expert on the national PBS gardening series, Growing A Greener World®. Theresa homesteads on just 1/10th of an acre in Los Angeles with her husband, two teenage boys and several disorderly but totally adorable chickens. Learn more about Living Homegrown here and about the Canning Academy here.


  • Robin says:

    I use them to hold buttons and pencils – and a lot of other ways.

  • Liz Clark says:

    Drinking glasses, vases, candle holders!

  • Lisa says:

    I would love these jars! I haven’t found them anywhere in actual stores but see them online frequently. I use my Mason jars I think on a daily basis. I cart soup and salads to work in them, in the summer use them for my iced coffee in the morning, and lately have been making overnight refrigerator oatmeal in them.

  • Kristen F. says:

    I use mason jars for everything from drinking glasses to pencil holders. I have a feeling something this pretty would be more for pretty purposes!!

  • Kristen F. says:

    Subscriber (e-mail)

  • Tammy says:

    I use mason jars for spare change holders when they aren’t holding homemade yumminess.

  • Robin says:

    I use them to make salad dressing. These jars would be a bazillion times better for this purpose than the Ball ones I use now. Why? Because the lids won’t rust or get all funky from the acid in the vinegars. I do reuse the ball lids a few times for salad dressings, which aren’t something I process for long-term storage. But, after a while both the lids and the rims end up in the trash because of corrosion problems. Thanks for the chance to win. You know I need these! 🙂

  • Jane C says:

    use them to organize the myriad of little items in my life. they are such pretty little jars.

  • Susy says:

    I think they would be great for making and storing a salad dressing. They sure are cute, I would love them!

  • Rachael H. says:

    I use them for bobby pins and hair ties in the bathroom! 🙂

    thanks for the chance!

  • Jen B. says:

    I use them to hold baking goods like flour, brown sugar, etc. They keep out bugs and look so pretty and organized in my pantry.

  • Jen B. says:

    Also, I shared this post on Facebook 🙂

  • Debbie says:

    I’ve been using canning jars lately to make up pre-made salads. Dressing in the bottom and then a hearty veggie and then salad fixins. My daughter takes them to work for lunch. The whole family loves them and all of the “salad in jars” are usually gone within a couple of days.

  • Sheryl says:

    I have odd sizes of mason jars and love flowers but don’t like spending the money to keep fresh in the house. So when I do get flowers (most recent mini roses) I dry them, cut off the tops and arrange them like little bouquets within the various size jars to put around the house. They are adorable!

  • Iris says:

    happily shared on facebook… :))

  • Iris says:

    I would use the Mini Jelly Weck Jars for a craft project with my grandbabes… I think they would make beautiful snowglobes…

  • kate says:

    I use jars to store just about everything. I bring yogurt to work for lunch in a jar a few times a week.

  • Lorna says:

    I like to use jars to hold buttons and other small crafting supplies.

  • Lynn says:

    I use canning jars to hold dried staples, like quinoa, rice, orzo. Helps keep critters out and lets me see at a quick glance whether I have enough to do a meal.

  • Judy Whiting says:

    I love to use canning jars to hold gems and beads in my crafting room.

  • Deb says:

    I use Weck jars to store dried herbs and spices. My vanilla sugar looks quite elegant in a larger jar!

  • Kat White says:

    I use canning jars to root cuttings. There are several on my windowsill right now holding cuttings of pepino melon for spring.

  • Jim says:

    I use some of my mason jars to store small hardware items, like screws, nails, etc.

  • Kat White says:

    And shared on Facebook in the Central Coast Foodies group.

  • Leslie says:

    First I would love to surprise and share these great jars with my dear friend Cindy; she and I first made jam together years ago and hope to do so again this year. She is a preschool teacher of 20+ years and adored by her kids and parents. Black raspberry jam is my favorite : )

    A ‘non jam’ idea would be to use filled with beautiful spices on a cute shelf in our kitchen!

    Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway – love reading other’s ideas!

  • Kim R says:

    I use canning jars for dry goods, keeps the bugs out of my flour, of which I have several types, as well as dry beans, rices, nuts, etc. Beautiful and bug free!

  • I use jars to hold my dry foods, like beans and grains. They look beautiful lining my pantry!

  • Pamela says:

    I use them to store craft supplies and extra buttons. I’ve also used them and glass baby bottles that my son outgrew for paint brush rinsing.

  • Kerry says:

    I use canning jars for everything from drinking, to freezing, to terrariums (to actually canning). You’ve gotta love anything that is as functional and beautiful as Weck jars.

  • Jeavonna Chapman says:

    Canning jars make great terraiums for small cacti.

  • Denise says:

    I would use these jars to really make myself want to can! Also for simple pantry/laundry room storage.

  • Hi,
    I just received a canning starter kit for christmas and these new jars would be great to try my new jam recipe!! Thank you for all the great info and a chance to win these cute jars.

  • Adrienne says:

    Last weekend, I used a quart sized canning jar to make homemade buttermilk and butter! Novel way to use them.

  • Brandy says:

    Treasure jars! My 5 year old fills his with ‘finds’ from the backyard and the broken bits from smashing geodes. The tulip jars are lovely.

  • Brandy says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter. I found this post on FB through Peaceful Valley.

  • Tracy says:

    I have become interested in fermantation of food. Just recently I used mine to do a batch of kale and cabbage. Wo-hoo! I found a few at a thrift store, and am biding my time before I get a set!

  • tehya says:

    wow! what a perfect little giveaway. i use canning jars for all sorts of things, from making ghee to kim chi, to storing foods. i have never been able to afford weck jars, but have drooled over them for so long… i would LOVE to have my own set.

    thank you!

  • jamie,il says:

    I use canning jars for all my dry bulk storage.Nuts,beans,dehydrated garden produce, etc. Signed up and shared.

  • Jodi says:

    I use canning jars in place of drinking glasses. No set of glasses, cups, mugs or tumblers has ever survived my three children intact, but I have yet to lose a canning jar. 🙂

  • Jenny says:

    Besides canning I use my weck jars for food storage, dry and wet(my cereal stays so fresh!).. Also the small tulips are perfect for tea lights.

  • Kathy M says:

    I have a vintage blue Mason jar with cotton balls & a cute pair of the “quilted” jelly jars holding cotton swabs & cotton circles in my bathroom.

  • Kathy M says:

    I shared the post on FB too. Thanks for the chance to win – YAY!

  • Holly says:

    We use canning jars for everything – leftovers, drinking glasses, etc.

  • Jo Speer Gonsalves says:

    I love cannin jars for storing all the food that is in comes in a bag or box. I have no moths when I do this and the colors are pretty on the shelf…shared and and subscribing…thanks

  • Sara Burns says:

    Ok, I use these jars for so many things…drinking glasses in a pinch, for fermenting veggies, making kefir, vases, catching fresh juice from the juicer….on and on!

  • Sara Burns says:

    I shared this give-a-way on FB.

  • simone says:

    We use them for dry food storage, I make dill salt, for combining spices like home made pumpkin pie spice, to hold money, pens /pencils and there are many uses. Plus they always look pretty. I love the colored jars, blues and purples are my favorite!

  • Doreen S. says:

    In the pantry I use canning jars to store rice and flour, sugar. i have used canning jars to store cotton balls and Q -tips in the bathroom.

  • Carla Brauer says:

    Awesome! I’ve never used these because of the price, but I’ve been wanting to try them out.

  • Deborah says:

    I use canning jars as double boilers for making homemade cosmetics and for storage and easy access to quinoa and rice when I have bought bulk quantities. If I had more, I might actually do some canning.

  • Jenny says:

    I shared on Facebook too!!

  • Deborah says:

    I shared this on FB.

  • Cassie Maxwell says:

    I would use these jars for my herbs! I started getting into herbs once my son was born to have alternative medicine as an option and to know more about the natural ways we can heal our bodies!

  • Cassie Maxwell says:

    I also shared on Facebook! 🙂

  • Jessica M. says:

    I use them for dry goods, brewing kombucha, and for homemade beauty recipes like scrubs.

  • Jessica M. says:

    I shared this post on facebook.

  • Florence says:

    I do a lot of canning and I would use the jars for jam and pickles.

  • We use canning jars for all our water glass and food storage needs! I also love using them to shake up some fresh salad dressing.

  • Tamie says:

    I use them to store dry goods.

  • Tamie says:

    Shared on facebook

  • Donna says:

    I use canning jars for sprouting.

  • Brenda says:

    Shared and subscribed. I still do a lot of canning this time of year. I freeze most of my berries till winter, when all the other canning has slowed down, and them I make my jelly. I also can chilli and soups in the winter as well as in the summer. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  • Bonnie says:

    I use canning jars to store dried herbs from my garden. However, I don’t have any as pretty as these Weck jars!

  • Alice says:

    I use canning jars as drinking glasses, craft supply holders, decor in the home, just about everything. I LOVE jars!

  • Bonnie says:

    I shared this post on Facebook. Thank you!

  • Lloyd Sizemore says:

    I used canning jars on a chandelier I bought at Good will by cutting holes in the bottom of them. I need to win these jars so AI can replace the ones I cut holes in.

  • Rachel says:

    I use canning jars for storing small amounts of bulk items for everyday use (dry beans, popcorn, coconut oil, honey). I fill a couple of quart jars with honey (or whatever) and store the 5-gallon bucket elsewhere. I refill the quart jars as needed.

  • Nancy says:

    I love Weck jars! I’ve used canning jars to store a variety of items such as coins. Love the idea of using them for dry goods.

  • Mardi Naythons says:

    I love these canning jars. I don’t yet own any, but I might very soon. They are beautiful to look at. I use canning jars for more things than there is room here to share.

  • I use canning jars to share sourdough starter with friends. I use 8oz small jars to make mini-casseroles for new mommies who learn to eat one-handed those first few weeks after their baby is born.

  • Inger says:

    These jars are so cool…love the lids. Use them for numerous things other than canning..such as: fill them will colored stones or marbles for a wonderful design.

  • Brian Debasitis says:

    I really want to try an idea I saw for making individual cakes in jars. We also use jars for dry storage of beans and grains.

  • Jessica Verge says:

    My husband uses canning jars to hold small items like nails. I have used them for freezing and storing pureed food and drinking out of. Shared post on Facebook. Joined Mailing List. Thank you.

  • Jennifer Essad says:

    I love to re-use my jars for leftovers or for when I make my own dressings, sauces and squeezed citrus juices. I did share own facebook and look forward to seeing more great advice and finds from your FB and blog!

  • Jill says:

    I use our jars for all sorts of dry goods in the kitchen, as well as for single servings of soup to heat in the mornings for my daughter’s lunch. She is crazy about soup. Crazy.
    Shared on facebook!

  • Sarah says:

    I use them to store herbs and craft supplies, and handmade goodies like salves and ointments.

    My husband and I are brewing kombucha now, and these would be good to use, as well.

    I have also shared on facebook.

  • Sarah K. says:

    I like to drink wine from canning jars.

  • emily says:

    drinking glasses, candle holders, firefly houses, the list goes on!!

  • emily says:

    shared on facebook!

  • AP says:

    I make my own vinegar with them and also keep my sour starters in them!

  • Leigh Simpson says:

    I use the jars to corral my hair ties instead of letting them run free all over my house when I let down my hair. I NEED these jars because just this past Christmas I made a basket of homemade jams for my mother-in-law and she’s already making requests for next Christmas. Please keep me in her good graces!!

  • Leigh Simpson says:

    Also shared and subscribed. 🙂

  • Stacy says:

    I use canning jars to hold dehydrated foods, meals in a jar, store food in the fridge instead of in plastic containers, and for vases and decor. My son uses them in place of cups for drinking beverages.

  • Stacy says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  • Lindee says:

    I use my canning jars for storing fresh cut herbs and also for dried beans and grains. I also use a quart jar to soak seeds for sprouting. That is when I start consuming all the canned goods that I put up last fall and start emptying the jars.

  • Lindee says:

    Shared on Facebook. Great site.

  • Archie says:

    I use canning jars to sort my loose change, keep quarters in one, dimes in another, and so forth

  • Mic says:

    aside from canning, i use my jars to store sewing supplies like buttons, needles, etc…this year I used small jars filled with bath salts (home made of course) to give as xmas gifts

  • chris vittori says:

    I shared this in FaceBook group, Real Food & Natural Living

  • chris vittori says:

    I’ve used Weck jars for storing dry goods like pasta or also as part of table decorations with flowers or sea glass in them.

  • Kandi Byrd says:

    I used the little weck jars to bake individual pumpkin pies for thanksgiving this year.

  • Laura Bell says:

    I have some of the larger jars – for peaches and such – and as I empty them, I refill them with candies or found objects. More than two and I stack them one on top of the other. For the holidays we had a “snowman” of multi-colored candies, and another of acorns & rocks & tiny cones. I’d love some of the mini-jellies!

  • Amber says:

    I use mason jars for containing small craft supplies.

  • Tami S. says:

    I use canning jars for storing all kinds of things from leftovers to my homemade deodorant.

  • Mary Beth says:

    I covet these! I’m too chintzy to use these in canned goods I give away just yet. I got a set as a wedding gift and use them for juices, preserved lemons, dressing–things I will see regularly on the counter. My canning jars get a lot of use…as my wine glass! I reach past crystal and stems for a jelly jar every night 😉

  • Jackie Isler says:

    Canning jars make great juice glasses!

  • Jackie Isler says:

    This is so good I shared it on Facebook too!

  • I use big canning jars to hold foodstuffs like brown and white sugar, dry noodles, rolled oats. I keep a collection of interesting shapes and sizes in the kitchen window.

  • Cindy Freeman says:

    I use canning jars to store dry food like beans, herbs, pasta, etc. Would love to win these! 🙂

  • Cindy Freeman says:

    I shared on facebook!

  • Maureen says:

    I have used canning jars for luminares, beautiful at Christmas with sprigs of holly or pieces of pine and cranberries. I also use them for craft storage in my craft room.

  • Maureen says:

    I just shared on FB.

  • Toni says:

    I could really use these jars, I’d like to become comfortable with canning with them so I can eventually replace all of my jars to become completely BPA free in my canning. I also of course as most do, use my canning jars as lovely drinking glasses during the summer months, who doesn’t love a mason jar lemonade or iced tea?

  • Jeannette Olton says:

    I need these jars to display my Dad’s antique marble collection.

  • Jeannette Olton says:

    I shared this post on Facebook.

  • Monica says:

    Spices, drinks, salad dressing…..what wouldn’t I put in them!

  • Monica says:

    Subscribed to your newsletter 😀

  • Monica says:

    Shared on Facebook too!

  • Eileen says:

    In the past, I’ve used canning jars for storing grains of all sorts and for gift-giving (soup mixes, homemade granola). Last summer, I placed bouquets of herbs in them, to share with friends – double the gifting! Right now, I’m beginning to practice making herbal balms (mainly ayurvedic-oriented), using jars of every shape and size I can find. These tulip-shaped ones are sooo dear! Can’t wait to purchase some (or, perhaps, win some?).

  • Leslie says:

    I use them for leftovers in the fridge, freezing things like fruit for winter, and transfer open containers like crackers or grains for the cupboard. Glass is my choice for storage of any kind.

  • Leslie says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter and emails!

  • Billie Mumma says:

    I love displaying the flower seeds from my flower gardens in jars throughout the house. I find them beautiful and inspiring. I enjoy quietly observing my children investigate the jars’ contents.

  • Leslie says:

    Shared the post on Facebook too. Thanks!

  • carol says:

    I use them to store loose popcorn, to mix and store salad dressings, and to mix and store vinegar and water for cleaning.

  • carol says:

    shared on fb.

  • Carli D. says:

    I use jars to store raw milk in. I’ve also been storing salads and mixed greens in them for quick lunches! I’ve never seen these jars and would love to add some to my pantry!

  • Carli D. says:

    Shared on FB 🙂

  • matt says:

    I have some vintage blue jars I use for little collections. Keys, dice, buttons, shells, ect..

  • Jennifer V. says:

    Would love to get those jars!

  • Minetta Minnick says:

    I need these to hold my crochet hooks, colored pens and highlighters, and bath salts. I love jars! So many great uses for them!


  • To save “magical items” “found” by kids at the beach and in the woods. Then, when something is sad or seems rather onerous, one can simply go into the jar to release the magic and feel better.

  • Michele says:

    I put dry cocoa powder in them sprinkled with peppermint mini marshmallows on top, close it up and take a little piece of garden twine to tie a mini bottle of Baileys Irish Cream to the outside and give them away to my friends as gifts. I also us them in my garden on my gardening table ti hold small things and tools that I need for quick use while out there gardening.

  • SJ Smith says:

    I subscribed! So glad to have found another gardener to inspire me!

    I also put up my own food by canning. This year I am learning about fermentation preservation – yogurt, cider, saurkraut.d
    I would love to win the jars because I’ve never tried them. I’ve seen them and would like to try; but like you mentioned, they are pricey. I use my jars to store dry beans from the garden… and sometimes to hide a bit of chocolate away in the pantry for a ‘rainy day’. When I store the dry beans (or grains), I always freeze them a day or two to kill off any little insects that could spoil the food in dry storage. Then, I put the dry beans in the jar and seal it up tight by hand.

  • Michele says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  • Jess Miller says:

    Awesome! I use them lots of ways! Food storage in fridge, yogurt making, holding craft supplies, decor, etc!

  • Nes says:

    I would love those jars. I would use them to make mint jellies and jam. One of my favorite jams are pinneapple rhubarb. But I could also make apple butter too. Oh I would so love those jars.

  • Jayme says:

    I use the smaller jars as votive holders for ambient lighting throughout the yard during outdoor parties. I may use them along the walkway up to the front porch; or guide guests along the side of the house to the backyard; or better yet, I place them in front of tombstones, surround them with fallen leaves, for a spooky effect during Halloween. One more way…garden-y cocktails, baby!

  • Joie says:

    Subscribed & shared
    I’ve made redneck wine glasses and I love to show them off and use them. My husband uses the large ones for his water, tea & sodas. I also have used the smaller ones for crafts with my kids.

  • carol dudek says:

    I use canning jars for dry bulk storage and also have a few small jars in my bathroom for hair ties and cotton balls. Have used them for leftovers from meals for later and so many other ways.

  • Carrie says:

    I would likely use these gorgeous jars for some sort of storage: I make a lot of my own natural body care products and these would look beautiful on my bathroom counter!

  • Carrie says:


  • Carrie says:

    Shared! Thank you!

  • Genevieve says:

    I use canning jars for making kefir and trying out different mixes of kombucha and juice after the initial fermentation. I’d love ton win!

  • Nicky @dirtandmartinis says:

    I love using canning jars as drinking glasses, candle holders and terrariums.

  • Celeste says:

    I use mine to store my sourdough starter in, as well as for some of my homemade cleaning supplies. I also store milk in them in the fridge. The european jars are so pretty!


    I use my jars for all my special baking ingredients. I keep my gluten free flour mixes in them, as well as my specialty GF ingredients. I keeps them fresh and they are safely contained. Love them.

  • Celeste says:

    shared on facebook!

  • Amanda says:

    I use them for everything! Drinking glasses, storage for bulk items, to-go containers, storage for small household items, really everything.

  • Jenny says:

    I use jars as a pretty package for gift-giving – the content possibilities are endless. I also use the Le Parfait style jars to store anything on my kitchen counter. Currently, mine are showing off my dry bean harvest.

    Shared on FB!

  • I just shared on my FB page. ❤

  • Billie Yates says:

    I use canning jars for my leftovers after supper. I need these jars because…well, really can a girl ever have enough beautiful glass jars? 🙂

  • Billie Yates says:

    Shared on FB…thanks!

  • I use canning jars as a toothbrush holder, drinking glasses, and vases.

    BTW, these are gorgeous and thanks for sharing that bit on BPA I wasn’t aware of that!

  • Debbie says:

    I use my canning jars for storing dehydrated food because critters can chew through plastic, but not glass.

  • Charlotte Owendyk says:

    I was born in Holland so a Tulip jars are perfect for my plum jelly!

  • I happily shared on Facebook!

  • Debbie says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  • Hmmm, I still haven’t gotten the confirmation email for signing up for your newsletter though.

  • Carol says:

    I use them to put dried beans in!

  • monique says:

    canning jars are great for packing children’s snacks for school.

  • Jennifer says:

    I use canning jars to hold leftovers and homemade dressings.

  • Carrie says:

    I use these jars for EVERYTHING — culturing kefir, storing seasonings, holding leftovers…we’re trying to get away from plastic, so we use the jars for EVERYTHING! 🙂

  • Sherl Rose says:

    I store my dried herbs in jars.

  • Carrie says:

    shared on facebook

  • Rachel says:

    I use canning jars for leftovers and send them with hubby to work the next day!

  • Brianna says:

    We used canning jars at our wedding for flower vases.

  • Brianna says:

    Just shared on facebook!

  • Jeff W says:

    I would use these jars for storing small servings of my dehydrated foods….I shared the post on Facebook.

  • Susan L says:

    I use them for so many things: holding flowers, sea glass, buttons, pencils and pens. They are lovely and versatile and always look good. I use them to store leftovers, keeping me free from the BPA in plastics. Love Weck Jars!

  • Susan says:

    I use canning jars for storing all of my dried herbs.

  • Connie says:

    I use canning jars to hold my dry beans and other pantry items.

  • Connie says:

    Shared on my FB page.

  • sarah says:

    I would use these for memory jars. I fill a jar with small mementos and a photo of the person I am “remembering”. I then give them as gifts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • sarah says:

    I shared this on my Facebook page. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I like to use the canning jars for gift containers. I put things like tea bags, coffee, lip balm, gum, candies, mini lotions, etc. in them for gifting to teachers. I also think they are great for gifts of cookie mix, cake mix, bread mix, hot cocoa mix, et.

  • I posted this link on facebook.

  • Samantha Beam Pruitt says:

    These would be perfectly sexy for my rose jelly 🙂

  • Darla Shannon says:

    I would use these to store dried rice and/or beans.

  • Darla Shannon says:

    I shared on facebook.

  • Samantha Beam Pruitt says:

    I left comment, subscribed, and shared on facebook… have a great day and take care you 🙂

  • Ok, I have been looking at these for a while. I used to be a canner years ago (too many to mention) with the old style of jars and lids and entered my wares in the local county fair. I was actually a sweepstakes winner a couple of times! When I heard that BPA was in the underside of the traditional lids, I was a little leary about canning again until I saw the new (to me) Weck jars advertized in the Peaceful Valley Catalogue. My husband and I have bought several things from them including 10 bare-root trees for our new orchard and a worm farm! We love them! I would love to win these jars and test them out! BTW, love your blog!

  • Donna henken says:

    i use for dryed fruit,also make candles

  • Carmen says:

    There are no limits as to how to use these jars … from drinking yerba mate or green tea – tulsi tes to store away left over sauces – soups – flours – grains – for mixing ingredients … to store or transport liquid kelp to the garden and fish combo fertilizer … or to store hardware i.e. Nails – screws – tags etc. Endless use – any use a plastic container loaded with BPA will be used…

  • Pioneer Mountain Farms says:

    1. We shared on our facebook farm page!
    2. We need these jars to be more resourceful and to show off how pretty they are!


  • Tracy says:

    I have one sitting pretty on my kitchen counter right now holding homemade tea infused vodka from a friend!

  • Tracy says:

    oh and shared on FB!

  • Colleen says:

    Love to to store dry goods. Look lovely on shelf.

  • pao says:

    I use jars like these to hold lil pretty things for arts and crafts, and for spices. Love them!

  • Julie S says:

    I have a set of the mini jelly jars that I got years ago from Crate & Barrel, and they came with plastic lids as well as the glass lids and rings. I use them mostly for individual servings of custard and puddings; just pop them in the fridge with the plastic lids on and the family can serve themselves.

  • Terri Dye says:

    These jars are amazing… visually pleasing! I would first use one for my local honey….they’ll look amazing, then one for tea bags and maybe some dried herbs! Oh they are beautiful!

  • Terri Dye says:

    And I absolutley “shared” this great give-away on FB….they are great jars!

  • Sarah Z says:

    I use canning jars for all sorts of things: drinking glasses, vases, storing dry goods and nuts, camping food containers, etc. Love ’em. I would love to win these jars!

  • Sarah Z says:

    Also shared on FB.

  • Lucy ONeill Martinez says:

    I need these sexy jars for my jalapeno jelly!! Soo Spicey!

  • Salome says:

    Shared on FB….I use jars for drinking glasses, store sewing supplies, coin jars, store small collectibles.

  • Rachel Clark says:

    I use them for storing all kinds of things in the refrigerator (apple sauce, cranberry sauce, salad dressing, chocolate sauce, etc.) because I like to SEE what I have.

  • Rachel Clark says:

    Shared on facebook.

  • Jessica Anne says:

    I’ve been using my jars lately to feed my baby chicks. I have an attachment for the food and waterer. I would love these jars, but I think I’d save them for myself and keep using the old ones for the chicks. 🙂

  • Kirsten says:

    They’re great for storing bulk items, twine/string, and drinking glasses.

  • beth fishburn says:

    I use them to carry my lunch to school.

  • Stevie says:

    I love to use them for my homemade bath and body products like bath salts, sugar scrub, and body butter!

  • maxine says:

    I share on FB
    I store loose leaf tea in them also

  • Kirsten says:

    I shared on Facebook.

  • This jars are also great to be used as survival food storage with its cool shape.

  • Rhonda says:

    One thing I do other than canning, is to store dried goods such as beans and rice.

  • Donna says:

    I would use them for leftovers as well as canning. Can’t wait to try them!

  • Donna says:

    Shared on Facebook

  • I use canning jars to hold herbs in and keep them fresh and ready to use.

  • Linda B says:

    I have never done any canning (yet!) but I want these jars to make dessert for my niece’s Sweet 16 family birthday party!

  • Devon H says:

    I use jars to hold everything! Leftovers, lunch and breakfast on the go, dry goods like flours and beans, summer fruit I dehydrate myself, strained yogurt whey, ferments, and of course canning my jams and fruit preserves. I would LOVE to add some beautiful Weck to my collection.

  • Devon H says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  • Rebecca Blake says:

    I’m an Herbal medicine maker! I use jars for holding dry herbs, tinctures, infused oils, medicine making and storing! This is why I want to use jars free of bpa.
    These lovely jars would definitely be used to display some of my medicine! Beautiful!

  • sandy says:

    I love canning & I use the jars for everything & the 13th is my birthday!! It would be a great present

  • Andrea Mull says:

    I have never actually heard of Weck jars before, nor seen them! I need a set so i can say i now own a cool, styley set of European canning jars, If for no other reason!!! I would use them to put my homemade sauerkraut in!!

  • Laura Bell says:

    Shared & subscribed!

  • Carla says:

    I am a collector of stuff. I collect what seems to be everything! LOL These jars are perfect for storing my collection of stuff because you can so easily see what’s there. Thank you for the contest!

  • Christine O. says:

    I use canning jars to store scratch and mealworms for my chickens out in the coop. They get so excited when I pull out a jar!

  • Christine O. says:

    Happily shared on FB. 🙂

  • Robin says:

    I’ve got the garden part down, the canning part, not so much! I want to learn and start preserving our harvest for THIS time of year! Right now, the one non-canning thing we do with canning jars is to put leftover soup, etc. in them and use our FoodSaver system to vaccuum seal them for later. So, in the back of our refrigerator there are two kinds of soup and refried beans all ready to go.

  • Therese says:

    We are beekeepers and would love to use them for beeswax candles for a unique look. They would be great to hold our honey, of course! Other things that come to mind are desserts, vases, drinking glasses, mini-terrariums, and holders of fun little items.

    I was given a few of these years ago and did not have instructions on “how to” so I would be thrilled to try again! Thank you for the offer!

  • Therese says:

    It’s been posted on my FB! Good luck to all!

  • Monika says:

    I like to use canning jars for storing my green juices in the fridge.

  • solducky says:

    I use them for dry goods too.

  • Heather W says:

    I use them to carry salad or veggies to lunch with me everyday.

  • Kat Wishard says:

    I use them to store dried herbs and spices, I love seeing my nutmeg and cinnamon sticks! Thanks for the BPA info. Kat

  • Lily says:

    We have been using canning jars to store leftovers, since finding out that BPA in plastic is so harmful.

  • Sarah says:

    Wow! Never heard of these before, so thanks for the intro. I’ll have to find them online.

  • Shelley says:

    I need these to store my delicate mini strawberries and raspberries

  • Susan T says:

    Subscribed and Shared. Dehydrated items would look awesome in these jars!

  • Shelley says:

    shared on FB! <3

  • Jen V. says:

    Love it and want it!

  • Robin says:

    “I need these sexy jars to make myself sexy.” I would LOVE to do some BPA-free canning! Shared on Facebook, too 🙂

  • Trudy Langhoff says:

    We use caning jars to make Keifer as well as lots of kids stuff my craft stuff and the miscellaneous screw or bolt.
    Ty for the opportunity !

  • Donna henken says:

    i dry spices these will come in very handy,,also grand daughter uses for her fairy dust !!!! sparkles

  • Rachelle says:

    I love glass jars. We went plastic free almost a year ago, and I have never been sorry that we did. We use glass jars for all of our dry ingredients in the cupboard, plus leftovers in the refrigerator.

  • Bettielynn says:

    Shared on FB.

    I’m from the SOUTH so I drink my SWEET TEA from a MASON JAR. I use them to hold small crafting materials. I make beautiful lace covered jar candles for gifts. I make sewing kits and nail kits for gitfts. I put leftovers in them for quick glance meals for my 82 yr old Daddy. I put homemade baby food in them. Can you tell I love jars of any type but LOVE MASON JARS!

    I refuse to use plastic or teflon. I use my canning jars and iron skillets for everything.

    I need to win these WECK JARS to start sharing my ideas with my granbaby girl.

  • Suzanne says:

    Subscribed & Shared on FB

    Thanks for teaching me so much about so much!!

  • Kasia says:

    I use them in my pantry and take salad to work in them!

  • Shirley N says:

    How beautiful, I use canning jars for so many things but right now have some with votive candles/Epson salts for winter decor.

    Have a God Filled Day

  • Shirley N says:

    I am sharing the give away on FB for another entry.

    Have a God Filled Day

  • Tricia says:

    I melt down my leftover candle pieces and make new candles in the jars. Or for little craft items: feathers, buttons, googley eyes, seashells, etc.

  • Tricia says:

    *Shared on FB*

  • Leslie B says:

    I use canning jars to store things like straws in my kitchen cabinets. Thanks for the opportunity and all the knowledge that you pass along!

  • Claire says:

    I make kombucha in canning jars.

  • Claire says:

    Hi, thanks for the opportunity to win these jars. I just shared this blog post on facebook.

  • Michele Menefee says:

    I use canning jars for paper clips and buttons. 🙂

  • Michele Menefee says:

    Shared this post on Facebook. 🙂

  • Candace Brennan says:

    My family prefers canning jars over regular glasses so for many years we drink our water or juice or tea from various size canning jars. I also use them for storing leftovers instead of using plastic containers plastic bags or plastic wrap 🙂

  • Pam says:

    I am a teacher. I use them to hold pencils, rulers, paper clips, scissors, etc. They help keep my classroom organized!

  • Crystal S says:

    I use canning jars as sprouting containers!

  • sharon says:

    I store dry ingredients such as oatmeal and nuts.

  • Kristen says:

    I use canning jars to store my homemade beauty concoctions.

  • Kristen says:

    Shared on facebook.

  • Jean E. says:

    I use jars for personal sized desserts, like cheesecakes and pies. I NEED these Weck jars so my of 7 can each have a beautiful dessert jar of their own:) I know, 1 short, but who’s counting.

  • I am a goldsmith and I use them in my shop to hold rough stones that I will eventually cut and polish for use in my designs.

  • Jean E. says:

    Shared on Facebook:)

  • Cynthia Novak says:

    We store our oats, rice, beans, quiona, etc. in canning jars. We also use them to drink out of sometimes, and even though we don’t need them, we would love to use them. It is my hope to do a little bit of canning this year — beginner stuff.

  • Cynthia Novak says:

    I happily shared this post on FB. 🙂

  • Julina says:

    I use canning jars for storing my grains and other dried goods. I also love making homemade yogurt with them. I love the idea of reusable lids without chemicals.

  • Donnetta says:

    I use them to store candies. I have also used them as a centerpiece with a candle inside and some filler (like coffee beans or candy corn) to secure the candle.

  • I use them to keep loose change in.

  • Sarah says:

    I need these jars because I am a beekeeper and they would be fantastic for my honey!

  • I posted to win these jars on my face book page!!! Whoot! Whoot!

  • Sandy says:

    Drinking glasses, and seed saving.

  • Dana G says:

    I use canning jars such as these for small garden items in on my garage shelf…such as twisty ties. 🙂

  • Dana G says:

    shared on FB 🙂

  • marilyn stewart says:

    Weck are really my favorit canning jars-I used them for storage of beans, oatmeal, corn meal all me dry stuff as well as my teas. I have them duffernt sizes stacked on my counter, with what I use most ofetned.

  • Suzie G. says:

    I use my canning jars to hold my homemade laundry detergent.

  • Suzie G. says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook. 🙂

  • Laura B says:

    I am gearing up to try to start canning this year (ack!), and I want to be sure to try everything before I completely invest in one style.

  • Laura B says:

    Also shared on FB (and pointed out to friends that it is BPA-free! Woo! Love that.)

  • Lashanda says:

    We chill our jars and use them for our adult libations in the summer time! 😉

  • Lashanda says:

    Shared the link on facebook!

  • Sue says:

    I want to hang a bunch from the tree branches in our yard and put candles in them!!

  • Florence says:

    I make jam and pickles all the time and could definitely use these jars.

  • Kathie says:

    I use canning jars as soup bowls.

  • Kathie says:

    Shared on FB

  • Marina says:

    I have subscribed, and shared on FB, but the main reason that I would like these canning jars is that I had no idea there was BPA in the lids of the canning jars I currently use, and I do use canning jars for making fruit and nut liquours, so would appreciate these jars very much.
    Thank you for making the offer.

  • erica says:

    I use a jar to store the pins and snappis for our cloth diapers!

  • erica says:

    I posted to FB! I would love to put some cherry or fig jam in a pretty weck jar!

  • Deborah says:

    I keep all my dry goods and dehydrated fruits and veggies in canning jars. I make yogurt in them in the crockpot and they go straight in the fridge. I make tinctures and infused oils in them.

  • Ellen Noll says:

    I shared on Facebook and would live to win these!!

  • Terri B says:

    I have used them to make hanging lantern out of and put several together and used them for camping lights, also poured wax in them to make candles

  • Ellen Noll says:

    I already shared on fb but I wanted to add that my mom bought over these jars from Germany 50 something years ago when she moved to the USA. I remember them from my childhood. Unfortunately, she doesnt have them anymore. I have been looking for these jars for a long time. How much I would love to win these. What wonderful memories I have of my mom canning with them. <3

  • Craig Steedley says:

    Iced tea glasses, moon lamps and separate and store seeds w/ anti-moisture pack

  • brenda drayer says:

    I tie fishing flies, I keep them in jars by color, these jars would look so pretty with all of the beautiful colors in them. plus it would let me “fem up” my mantel. 🙂 the jars are beautiful!!

  • amy weakley says:

    I need these jars to store desk supplies, paperclips, thumb tacks, erasers and so on! Thank you!

  • brenda drayer says:

    I shared the link too!!

  • Jen says:

    I use canning jars to store seeds, cotton balls, q-tips, and garden twine. Would love to put some apricot jam in my jars.

  • Esteri says:

    I use them for all the stuff mentioned above. AND I wandered into a Willams Sonoma recently and found spices for Hot Cider packaged in a Weck jar. I’ve been wanting to try them, so I bought it… for the JAR! 🙂

  • Esteri says:

    Subscribed and shared on FB. Looking forward to more of your posts. We have a small urban farm / homestead. Raising poultry (eggs & meat), orchard, and gardening.

  • Ellen Bender says:

    I recycle all my clear plastic package ‘wrap’ by cutting it into strips for seedling labels. These I write on with permanent ink & store the strips in a canning jar that I keep handy on the counter. They are then ready to insert into rag-dolls for seed starting. If I am really organized I will write up the information I need on the labels and store each label batch in a separate color coded jar. When the seed germinates and gets planted into the 1st generation pot…. I already have a label ready to go throughout all the propagation process.

    I am sharing on facebook also…. Ellen

  • sarah says:

    I store coins from my travels around the world in canning jars… thanks for the give-away!

  • sarah says:

    Posted on Facebook, too!

  • Vickie A says:

    Just shared your post about your contest!

  • Kim Braman says:

    I use my jars to hold beads and other craft items. I can find what colors I need at a glance!

  • Amy Allen says:

    I need these jars because a girl can never have too many canning jars.

  • Who said it is not canning season? I just made tangerine and Meyer lemon marmalade with a vanilla bean. It came out great. I use my old mason jars to store beans and rice. The smaller ones I use to drink out of, and the cool antique blue jars I use as candle holders. I have also used them as planters, especially nice for bulbs. You can put stones in the bottom, then the paper white bulbs on top and fill a quarter of the way with water. Love these jars!

  • Hiedi says:

    I’m new to canning and would love to get some cool new canning jars.

  • theresa says:

    Okay everyone – The contest is officially closed!

    Thank you so much to everyone who participated. I loved reading all of your ideas for canning jar uses. I wish I could have commented to each one, but it would have messed up the count!

    I will leave comments open for anyone who wants to chime in, but the comments will not count toward winning the jars.


  • SJ Smith says:

    I can’t believe I won! I’m shocked and overjoyed! These gems will really show off the garden bounty!
    I’m looking forward to NOT needing to buy new lids every time I use them. Thankyou so much!
    A big thank you to to Living Home Grown and to Peaceful Valley Farm Supply. Your generosity is appreciated and will be put to good use.

    • theresa says:

      You are SO very welcome. I’m sure you will get many years of use from the jars. And be sure to scroll through all the many ideas people posted below with ideas on how to use those jars…besides canning of course!

  • […] Basement Homes in Raleigh, Clayton Area.Covering all angles • bobbleheadGet Rid Of That Clutter Once And For All – Until Next TimeDay 7: BPA-Free Canning with Weck Jars – GIVEAWAY! […]

  • pilar roy says:

    I make oil lamps out of them.

  • pilar roy says:


  • Jenn says:

    What about the rubber rings? Do they contain BPA or any other toxic material?

    • theresa says:

      Good question Jenn – I am unsure what exactly is in the soft rubber rings.

      But I do not think they have BPA because as I understand it, BPA is in harder plastic (not plastisol or soft rubber). Perhaps someone else in the thread will know the answer on that one.

  • Genea says:

    I read that Weck jars contain lead. Post in the link above. Thoughts?

    • theresa says:


      I have only heard the lead story from one source. All other stories lead back to that one source – a particular blog post. In the blog post, I believe a blogger tested the glass with special, highly sensitive equipment. I did test my Weck jars with a standard lead test kit you get a the home improvement center and my Weck jars were fine. But that doesn’t mean that other jars don’t have a problem. So I am unsure what to make of this. I will keep investigating to see what I can come up with and if I get better update, I will post it here.

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