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To Scape or Not To Scape – Free Garlic Giveaway!

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Guess What?

We have been invited to a very cool Blog Party and there is free garlic “seed” and organic goodies to be had by all!

The giveaway is closed, but it was so nice to read all your ideas and tips in the comments. Congrats to our winner Emily Vigue!

Although the contest is over, you can still read below for information on growing garlic as an ornamental AND an edible!

German Red Garlic - Hardneck

I will give you all the details below, but basically our friends over at Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply are “hosting” a virtual party where several of us garden bloggers share garlic info. And you have the opportunity to win prizes at every stop along the way. Fun!

I figured some of my co-horts would be talking about the basics of growing and using garlic in their posts, so I decided to tell you how…

I Grow Garlic Differently Than Most People

Well not outrageously different – but a little differently. Let me explain.

I grow my garlic on an urban homestead in the heart of Los Angeles (1/10th of an acre) which means my garden space is very limited. Nothing unusual about that. But due to my space limitations, I do not plant my garlic in rows.

Instead, I plant garlic in small drifts among my other edibles. I also plant my edibles like landscape plants (taking into consideration form and color) so that my vegetable bed looks more like an ornamental bed. And, I sometimes plant garlic as a flower (not an edible bulb).

In other words…

I sometimes value my garlic more for it’s ornamental properties than for its flavor. {Gasp!} And also plant it in the non-edible areas of my garden as a cut flower.

Okay, I know what you are thinking!

“Wow, Theresa. That is so shallow! Beauty is only skin deep. You should value garlic for what is on the inside…yadda, yadda, yadda.”

All true. Don’t get me wrong! I do love to EAT garlic.

But it is also one of the easiest ways to add interest to a small space and it is possible to have the best of both worlds.


Types of Garlic:

There are really two types of garlic and one garlic-wanna-be.

Softneck: This garlic has a softer stem and is the one used for braiding. The advantage of this type of garlic is that it stores well. It also has a mild flavor. It does not form a scape (the flower stalk).

Hardneck: This type of garlic is similar to wild garlic and has a stronger, more complex flavor. Many cooks prefer this type of garlic when in season. They do not last as long and must be eaten within a few months of harvest. It forms a very pretty and (tasty) scape and lovely flower.

Elephant Garlic: Is the garlic-wanna-be. I say this because technically it is not a garlic, but a leek. However, it is used by many as a mild garlic in cooking. Some die-hard garlic lovers scoff at elephant garlic in the kitchen. Me?  I grow it for the flower, which is huge!

 Scapes and Garlic Blossoms

I plant lots of hardneck and elephant garlic every fall. (For tips on how to do this, go HERE.)  But here is the deal…

When the garlic starts to form a scape (the stem with a flower head), you are supposed to clip it off. Why? Because studies have shown that removing the scape will give you 17-48% larger bulbs. Clipping them forces the bulb to put all of it’s energy into the bulb rather than the flower. If you grow garlic for the bulb (and most people do) then you need to clip the scapes.

And the scapes are delicious!  You can stir fry or steam them and they taste like mild garlic. You can even pickle them! If you want to try them first, look for them in the springtime at farmer’s markets.

But…If you leave a few scapes in each small drift of garlic, they will go to flower and the results are…well, dramatic!

The scapes start out curled and then straighten up a bit as the flower opens up.

Letting a few garlics go to flower will still allow you to have a tasty garlic bulb to harvest in the summer. (It is just significantly smaller.) I think it is a worthy trade off! When I let a few of my garlics flower, my garden looks spectacular and the bees and hummingbirds love it. I cut the scapes on the rest so I still have enough larger bulbs for the kitchen.

The Giveaway:

Peaceful Valley has offered to send one lucky reader of my blog the following items:

  • 1 pound of organic seed garlic – The variety from this blog will be German Red Garlic (as shown in the top photo of this post)
  • 1 quart of liquid kelp (for soaking the cloves overnight before planting)
  • 10 gallon smart pot (to plant some in a container)
  • 1 garlic twist (clever kitchen gadget that minces the cloves)

 To Enter:

Leave a comment below saying ONE of the following:

  • A handy hint for using garlic or getting rid of garlic smell
  • What you love about garlic (as a food or an ornamental)
  • Why you would like to win some garlic

You have until Midnight (PT) Wednesday October 17th to win. Please only leave ONE comment here. Then visit one of the other blogs listed below to leave comments and enter to win different garlic varieties. (Sorry but you must live within the United States to win.)

Here are the other bloggers:

Chiot’s Run has the Garlic Combo Pack (4 varieties of garlic, plus French Red shallots)

North Coast Gardening has organic Russian Red hardneck garlic

Western Gardeners has organic Purple Italian hardneck garlic

Dirt Du Jour has organic French Red shallots

Gardenerd has organic California Early White softneck garlic

A Suburban Farmer has organic Purple Glazer hardneck garlic

Peaceful Valley/ has Bogatyr hardneck garlic

I will announce the winner here on October 18th. You can check the other blogs for their winners.

Good Luck!


Disclaimer: Peaceful Valley asked me to participate in the blog party and provide one of my readers with the giveaway items with no obligation to talk about them as a company. The comments about the beauty of garlic and all other opinions are my own.


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About the Author:

Theresa Loe is the founder of Living Homegrown® and the Canning Academy® and is the Co-Executive Producer & Canning Expert on the national PBS gardening series, Growing A Greener World®. Theresa homesteads on just 1/10th of an acre in Los Angeles with her husband, two teenage boys and several disorderly but totally adorable chickens. Learn more about Living Homegrown here and about the Canning Academy here.


  • cynthialeigh says:

    I’m so happy to have found your blog through Chiot’s Run and this great giveaway! I planted garlic for the first time just last growing season. I don’t know what variety it was so I would love to get some garlic to plant that is a named variety! Thanks

  • Bridget says:

    Garlic is great and beautiful, but it really does wonders in the garden.
    Garlic–and all alliums for that matter–repel all sorts of buggy pests in the garden. A few bulbs around squashes? Say goodbye to squash bugs! Around the base of a tree? It keeps the dogs from marking their territory, AND it will get rid of all sorts of wannabe attackers.

    The flowers are beautiful, yes, but the tend to be devoured by my free-range chickens. No worries…then their eggs are garlicky!

    • Creg says:

      Thank you for the giveaway. I’ve only tried garlic once and didn’t know what I was doing at the time. I’d like to win some so that I can avenge myself now that I know better what to do. You’ve got a lot of good information and I love your garden – very beautiful. I love ornamental gardens.

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  • Troy R. says:

    this is my first season growing garlic, so these’d make a LOVELY addition! cant wait to get these cloves in the ground as soon as this RAIN lets up! and get rid of the garlic smell? why would you want to do that?!

  • Jennifer says:

    LOVE garlic scapes! I make a “scape pesto” that is super-garlicy and delicious with pasta or smeared on toasted bread

  • Kelly Guerin says:

    I would really love to win some garlic!! I am in the process of starting my dream mini farm and I know that this garlic would make a great addition 🙂 Thank you so much in advance for the chance!

  • I like to add garlic to dishes by grating it rather than spending time to mince, press, or mash into a paste- a wasabi grater works perfectly, is extremely fast, really easy to clean, and helps to evenly distribute garlic flavor throughout whatever I’m cooking with less mess!

  • Amanda says:

    I fix garlic every chance I get.I love putting in stews and soups for winter and it makes you just feel better! Garlic smell no problem as long as I like it who cares 🙂

  • JD Mathews says:

    Garlic is a great antibiotic and immune system booster, especially now that cold/flu seasn is upon us. 1 to 2 cloves of garlic a day is good when you feel the cold symptoms coming on. Or make a tea with one finely chopped clove of garlic steeped in boiling water for a few minutes. Let it cool a ittle bit and you can add honey to give it a better flavor- good for sore throats. One cup a day(probably at night) around this time of year is good.

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  • I love garlic. We use it in just about everything we cook. But, this is the first year we have attempted planting it. I would love to win some garlic to plant more and help prevent zombies from taking over the world as cautioned of in another post in this give away party. Thanks for hosting this give away.

    Sonja Twombly of

  • Joy Giles says:

    My aunt always said to rub garlicky hands on stainless steel. I usually rub my hands on the kitchen faucet when I’m done handling garlic. Seems to work or my nose is oblivious to garlic smell.

  • Casie says:

    I’d love to win this garlic bundle! Mostly because my attempts over the last 2 years at growing garlic have been disappointing. I’m hoping this next year will be the winner!

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  • Rose T says:

    Here’s a really neat way to peel garlic. Place the clove on a hard surface and place the flat of the knife on top of the clove. Now PRESS down on the knife and clove. This will make it super easy to remove the skin. And YES! I would love to win some Red German garlic from you! I love gardening and cooking with garlic. That would make my day!

  • mike cole says:

    Always planted an unknown hardneck, had to move to the city but am back in the country starting my gardens from scratch.

  • Debby says:

    We use garlic in everything. It’s so good for you too. I haven’t planted garlic in years and would welcome the oportunity to win and plant some.

  • Barbara C. says:

    Love it, use it and want to grow some this winter! But I can see that I know woefully little about all the different varieties available. Looking forward to learning more.

  • April says:

    I like to use a fine cheese grater when I cook with garlic. It helps to keep the smell off your hands

  • Monica says:

    I grow garlic every year so I really appreciate the giveaway! I love your idea of planting it (and other edibles) among your landscaping.

  • Kelly B says:

    We are crazy for garlic and love it roasted for homemade pizza. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Kelly says:

    Touring all these websites with such great information about garlic is getting me excited about planting garlic for the first time this year. Now, if I could only decide of a variety (or two).

  • karen says:

    I’ve never grown garlic before. Thanks for the tips. I think I would like to try planting in drifts. I don’t have rows in my garden anyway.

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  • Curt Siters says:

    I have never grown garlic before, I love cooking with it though. I would like to win this prize because this (and your excellent article) will give me my first garlic growing experience.

  • I would like to win so in my brand new garden this can be the first crop sown. Thanks!

  • Lauren says:

    We LOVE garlic. This is awesome, thanks for a chance to win.

  • Kelly D says:

    I love garlic in sauces. I would like to win because my son has expressed an interest in trying to grow garlic and I think it would be a nice project for us.

  • Marcia says:

    love garlic and love to get interesting new ideas on thing to do with it! Thank you! 🙂

  • Angela White says:

    If you have garlic smell on your hands , wash them with salt to take away the odor.

  • Julie says:

    I love how you’ve incorporated garlic into the landscape–I will definitely try it. The blooms are beautiful, and I think I’ll sacrifice a few bulbs for the sheer loveliness factor. I planted 8 varieties, and they are wonderful. But–last year, we built raised beds where I typically plant my garlic, and to finish the project in time for a farm tour (we represented the suburban micro-farm), I had to sacrifice my garlic. So sad. I tried grow bags, but the harvest was terrible. Now that the big garden is back in action, I can’t wait to plant and harvest garlic–I miss my homegrown garlic!

  • Olivia says:

    I love taking garlic scape pesto and adding it to scrambled eggs to make them really special. The amazing range of varieties available for growing at home has superior garlic taste to anything available at the grocery store.

  • My neighbor usually gives me some of his garlic but would love to be able to plant my own. After handling garlic I wipe my hands on the kitchen spigot which is stainless steel and the smell is gone.

  • michelle says:

    So excited to have found your blog through this fantastic giveaway!!! Can’t wait to read all thes great blogs. I am new to gardening, but I am hooked. Thank you for all your great insight. I use garlic in everything, and can’t wait to put some in the dirt. I love how you also use in for it’s beauty in the garden!!! Thanks again for the great giveaway, Michelle

  • Robin Foster says:

    I really enjoyed your blog post – I would love to win some free garlic to experience different named varieties and see how well they grow in my very tricky North Florida garden!

  • Sarah H says:

    I love to use raw garlic in a kale salad as the dressing. I enjoy the spicy taste it gives the dressing.

  • gerrie says:

    I like to get rid of the garlic smell on my hands and cutting board with vinegar. Sometimes, if the smell still lingers i will rub some vanilla on my hands. Never fails! I would love to win some garlic!

  • Paula Morhardt says:

    I love garlic, and am finally learning to use it in more ways than just rubbing some toast or delicately flavoring something. Garlic is wonderful and tasty all on it’s own! Had some pickled garlic for the first time this summer, and loved it! Would love to be able to grow my own.

  • penny wetzel says:

    I have wanted to grow garlic for many years, but it is hard to find in my area. A friend of mine bought a new home a few years ago & when we went to visit she had the most gorgeous plants in her back yard. I yelled in to her, she had gone inside to get drinks, what these beautiful plants were & without even looking out to see what I was talking about she yelled back out “its garlic!”. Lol….so I would very much love to be entered to win some garlic. I use it in alot of cooking.

  • Heli says:

    I`ve grown winter garlic since 2009 and have been quite successful. Plenty of our family use and more and more seed for next year. The variety is unknown local Estonian mixture. But this year I failed! I`ve never had so good crop but almost all got rotten two months or so after harvesting . I have to find a variety that tolerates moist soil and storage well.

  • Jamie B. says:

    Why you would like to win some garlic: I would like to win some because I am just starting out in gardening and it is on my list of edibles that are good for newbies like myself. Also, I just really love garlic!

  • Mary Anne Sullivan says:

    I love garlic. To remove the odor from your hands, wash witha handmade coffee flavor soap or soak your hands in leftover coffee from your coffee pot.

  • Thank you for the giveaway. I have tried to plant garlic but have not had much success. I will not give up!! I use garlic in most of my cooking. I love it and can’t get enough!!! xoxo

  • Iris says:

    I always heard that scrubbing your hands in lemon juice would remove the smell that lingers at least overnight after peeling and mincing garlic… I don’t know that for a fact since I love to have the reminder of that glorious garlic waft around me every time I move my fingers and hands all evening long… 😉

  • Cindy Freeman says:

    I LOVE GARLIC because it is nutritional as well as medicinal. Right now I have some garlic cloves sitting in a pint jar of honey infusing…waiting to be used for a cold/flu remedy. I need to grow my own so would love to win some! (c:

  • Kathy M says:

    I love that garlic is so amazingly yummy & great for you too! I’ve been wanting to try growing it myself, so I’d love to win! Thanks!

  • Robin says:

    You know me. I love homegrown garlic. Actually, I don’t think I’ve bought garlic at a grocery store in years. I prefer hardnecks to softnecks for flavor (and yep, edible scapes), but I grow both. I’ve even shared one of my favorite recipes that pairs scapes with asparagus — both tend to come in at about the same time. Delicious. More on that here:

    I just received my seed garlic order (not that I can’t make room to plant more). And, I’ll be popping those babies into big growing pots and the ground in the coming weeks. I’m hoping our meager crop from this summer gets us through until this year’s planting comes in.

  • Amy says:

    I would love the opportunity to win to increase my garlic seed varieties. We use garlic in so many dishes and it is great to experience the subtle differences in flavor as well as the different storage values of each garlic type.

  • tam says:

    count me in!!

  • Renee says:

    Since I use garlic so often, my hands used to always have that “garlic smell”. I’m not sure others appreciated it as much as I…..I get rid of it by rubbing my fingers on a metal spoon under water. Works wonders!

  • Barbara says:

    Garlic is essential. I love the smell of it, cooking with it, and enjoying it in the garden. Several separate gardeners in my family tried all three varieties and found that for raising, storing, and using garlic here in the Midwest (Minnesota/Wisconsin) the hard-neck beat hands down. Sadly my sister Jo in Minnesota, on the family farm, had a disastrous year and lost nearly all her hundreds of pounds of garlic. Mostly the German Red that she grows. She can not afford to purchase enough to make up even a small percentage of the years of growing and saving garlic for replanting. I am a praying that I can help in some small way to get her some planting stock.

  • Robin says:

    I love making a garlic-ginger-honey-lemon tea! Crush one clove, squeeze juice of whole lemon, some grated ginger and raw honey to taste. At first I used this as a cold remedy only but have grown to love the flavor so much, it’s now one of my year-round teas!

  • Kathleen Doerr says:

    I use a little fresh parsley and a small oval of stainless steel to “wash” it mostly removes the smell from my hands.

  • Ginny says:

    The thing I love about growing garlic is you get the biggest payoff with the least amount of effort. Just plant it in October and harvest in July!

  • jess s says:

    I want to win some garlic because I can’t grow enough of it and I could use all the help I can get. Like that german red garlic!

  • Yay, what a great giveaway! I plant different varieties of garlic every year, and love trying different spicy-hot varieties. There’s a lot of extra space in my front yard garden, so I think I’ll plop some in there this year.

    Why would I like to win some garlic? Because since Little Peanut was born, I’ve been a little distracted…and forgot to place my seed garlic order this year. Yipes!

  • I’m growing garlic for the first time this year. I didn’t know about the flowers of the elephant garlic. That’s what I’ve planted. I need to let a few go to make some flowers. Thanks for the tip!

  • TeresaR says:

    My favorite way of getting rid of garlic smells from my hands is to use the Chef Scrub that an indie soap maker called Product Body makes.

    But I’ll also tell you why we love garlic: for its antibacterial properties! Hubby used to get sinus infections every winter. Then our neighbor nagged him to take raw garlic for it. He finally did and has not had a sinus infection in probably 7 years now and counting. I often eat raw garlic cloves when I start to feel run down. 🙂

    Thanks, Theresa and Peaceful Valley!

  • maggiewann says:

    I love how good garlic is with fresh tomatoes and basil.

  • Sue says:

    This will be the first year we plant garlic. We use massive amounts of garlic in our cooking, don’t know why we never tried growing it before! I love the idea of growing the garlic in amongst the flowerbeds, we do that along the front of our house, mixing herbs, vegetables and flowers, just never garlic.

  • Ellen says:

    I like to plant garlic along with plants in pots. The soil and pot then do double duty!

  • Chris Boyer says:

    Great info, esp. for someone like me with limited growing space. I use so much garlic that I’ve decided to try growing it this year. Very helpful blog!

  • Carol says:

    I have never planted garlic, but would love to start! Have become more adventurous the past year with new plants in the garden/flower beds. Would love to have some garlic for cooking, along with beauty and food for beneficials.

  • Crystal says:

    Very informative Garlic post! I would love to grow our own garlic so i always have some on hand during the winter. I like to put it in soups and sauces because i know that it fights seasonal illnesses(and tastes great!).

  • Emily says:

    I love alliums as an ornamental because they are like the punk rockers of flowers with their crazy purple hair.

  • Salome says:

    I would definitely love to try growing garlic this season!

  • Carol Colville says:

    I love garlic. It has a lot of health benefits . I wash my hands under running water and scrape them with the dull side of a stainless steel blade. My hands smell really fresh afterwards. I would love to win some garlic for my garden.

  • Megan says:

    i LOVE the smooth butteriness of roasted garlic!

  • Betty P. says:

    Glad to have found your website! Have been intending to plant garlic for several years this would be a good time to start!

  • Stella says:

    I love garlic in everything! I particularly like to roast garlic and mix the paste w olive oil, lemon, and Dijon mustard. It makes a great dressing for my salads. Would love to try growing garlic.

  • Lynn says:

    We have moved into a new home and I have been trying to mix edibles in with the landscaping. It would be nice to let a few flower for the bees and hummingbirds.

  • Azucena Gee says:

    German Red Garlic? Bring on!

    Subscribing thanks to Gardenerd!

  • Becky says:

    My hint for using garlic is to dice and swallow it if you think you’re getting any kind of cold/flu. I swear it helps it to go away faster. 🙂 Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • sara says:

    i love garlic! i use it almost daily. my most unusual way to use garlic: i simmer garlic scapes and chopped ginger in water. after doing this for quite some time i add miso and chopped scallions. i will drink this all day to get rid of a cold/sore throat. it has worked for two years now. this spring i saved my scapes in the freezer with some miso and oil. when i get my first cold, i’ll just pop this into the water to simmer.

  • Bonnie says:

    I don’t have any garlic at all. Would like to start growing some. They are very good for your health. Would love to have some to grow. Thanks

  • Lisa Cox says:

    I’ve never tried to grow garlic. We just recently moved to 3 acres in Missouri from a city lot in Texas. I want a garden and would love to start with garlic.
    Thank you!

  • Samantha says:

    To get the garlic smell off of my cutting board, I rub a cut lemon all over the surface. I’d love to win this garlic to have more variety in my garden.

  • Grace says:

    I’ve been using garlic for more years than I’d like to admit. I use garlic in my homemade spaghetti sauce,meatloaf, spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and hot pepper flakes, the list goes on. Went to the garlic festival in Co Spgs a few weeks ago and got my garlic there, 3 different varieties. This year is my 1st time to grow my own garlic. I planted last weekend (hope it’s not to soon). Can you tell I am excited. Any growing tips?

  • Marie Husnick says:

    I would love to win this package as the only garlic I can find is in the grocery stores. I cook and bake from scratch. I hunt and process all my own meat and raise chickens and when I smoke or roast turkey, chicken, pork, beef, pronghorn or venison, fresh garlic made into garlic butter is injected in my meat for added flavor and moisture.

  • Emily says:

    I LOVE garlic! I throw it into just about everything I cook! But . . . I have never grown my own! I think it’s time, I would love to win some! I do have a garlic stone that I wash my hands with that helps with the smell, if that doesn’t work I use a smidge of toothpaste on my hands! Works every time!

  • Rebecca says:

    Never had luck and want to learn more – which I did – neat idea planting them in with other plants!

  • Karen says:

    One can never have enough Garlic…I grow most of the vegetables we eat (I have 4 generations living in my home). My 1 year old grandson has a very sensitive system and bugs love to bite him…I would love grow this garlic to add to his foods.

  • Tracy says:

    thanks for the great ideas on using garlic in the garden and flower beds.

  • Jill Patterson says:

    I’ve learned so much about garlic from reading these blogs…did NOT know elephant garlic was really a leek and now I know why it doesn’t have the significant garlic taste I love. So…I don’t worry about getting rid of the garlic smell because I LOVE the smell of garlic. And I’d love to try growing the hardscapes so I could cut the leaves for cooking and leave some on for flowers. Thanks so much for the info–much appreciated.

  • Laura McG says:

    I love garlic for it’s taste and healthful properties!

  • Lisa says:

    I would love to win this garlic seed package! This will be my first time growing garlic. I look forward to tasting the fresh garlic in my winter soups and enjoying the beautiful blooms in the spring.

  • Juanita says:

    I love the German Garlic! Much better flavor than the garlic I can get at the stores. I haven’t had it for years, so this is a wonderful prize!

    I tend to scatter grow garlic, similar to your drift method. I tuck cloves in and around various plants in the yard. Not many people here have lawns, with the drought being ever present in the desert, so by planting it around plants that I hand water, I get double duty from the water I use for the yard. It thrives around my tomato plants, and it seems that both plants benefit from this arrangement. It tends to reduce the aphids on the roses plants that have garlic growing next to them. I never put garlic next to beans tho, my dad taught me that some 50 years ago and I just never do it. He said it changes the flavor, and that was good enough for me. Someday I should try it, I guess, just so I can imagine him to say “I told you so”.

    I few years ago I used up my prescription medicine allowance by August. (that famous doughnut hole in insurance policies that the politicians talk about now. I was pretty sick that year.) I had to choose which medicines I could afford to continue to take and which ones I would have to give up. My Lipator was too expensive… way over $100/month back then. I talked to my pharmacist and he recommended garlic oil and flaxseed oil everyday. (Mind you, he was not advocating that I stop taking any of my prescriptions, it was just that I could not afford to buy them all.) It worked. My lab results after 3 months on garlic and flaxseed showed that my cholesterol did not go up, it continued to go down. My doctor was amazed. When I passed that “doughnut” period of time and my insurance again covered my meds, I did not resume the cholesterol medicine.

    Now I eat 2 cloves of garlic a day, either raw or added at the very last minute to my food so I don’t cook out the goodness. I also feed my husband 2 cloves a day. My cholesterol level is good for a woman of my age. I tell other seniors about this whenever they talk about their medicines. I am always running out of garlic.

    I don’t have any hints as to taking the smell of garlic away. I like the odor of garlic, raw or cooked, and can’t think of a good reason why I would want to diminish it.

    For me, garlic is kind of like a gateway drug. It got me started in healing herbs. I found herbs and fruits to replace my lasix and potasium. That worked too. Next to go was my BP medicine. The list goes on. So yes, it is a gateway drug. And that is why I want to win this prize… not for myself, but to protect others from this gateway drug and the dangers of getting hooked on healing herbs. (Not true, I want it all for myself, but I am practicing to become a politician.)

  • Lisa P. says:

    A great way to get the garlic smell off of hands and cutting boards is to rub a cut lemon on both. Although I love the smell of garlic. I don’t want everything tasting like garlic.

  • nadine says:

    thanks for being part of this. cool blog!

  • Christine Allen says:

    I’ve never tried cooking up the scapes – looking forward to trying it this year.

  • Krysta says:

    Thanks for participating in the garlic planting party! What a great way to get people interested in growing garlic!

  • Since it’s always a challenge to use up my hard neck garlic before it dries up or goes bad, I’ve had to develop an arsenal of preserving techniques, so that’s my tip: Garlic preserving ideas:
    – puree with extra virgin olive oil then freeze in small (2-fl oz) containers
    – roast individual, peeled cloves in olive oil then mix into butter or just add a little more olive oil and freeze in small containers
    – pickle with onions in a sweet & sour brine (like bread & butter pickle brine) YUMMY on cheddar cheese & crackers
    – process freshly peeled cloves with kosher salt in the cuisinart, keep adding cloves until it starts to get moist, then spread on baking sheet to dry. Mix it around while it’s drying so it doesn’t pack together. bottle when dry for your own garlic salt! (hint: add fresh herbs and edible flower petals)

  • domestic diva says:

    I love eating garlic. It’s so yummy, I add it to almost everything.

  • James Williams says:

    Since switching my garlic to the raised beds my success has been amazing !

  • Megan says:

    I love smashing up garlic with butter and using garlic butter in everything. Also storing garlic in oil so you have both preserved garlic and tasty flavored oil!

  • Mary says:

    I love that garlic adds flavor, nutrition and medicinal qualities to life. I have never grown it, but want to have this be the year to add it to the garden.

  • Karen T says:

    Thanks for your beautiful example of edible landscape veggie garden! I love the garlic drifts!
    It is so inspiring to see what one can do in an urban lot and makes me want to get out and plant more in my own yard!
    Happy Fall and Garlic Planting!

  • Kristen says:

    I love garlic because it’s so versatile. On those nights when you have next to nothing in the fridge or pantry for dinner, you can always come up with something delicious and flavorful as long as you have garlic. I often feel like a contestant on Chopped but as long as there’s garlic in the mystery basket I know I can come up with something tasty. 🙂

  • Linda says:

    I have never cut the scapes. Thanks, will try.

  • Lissa says:

    Love the sharpness of really fresh garlic – its almost spicy flavor. And the huge health benefits!

  • judy bernstein bunzl says:

    I too garden in a city, The Bronx, NY. Garlic has become a mainstay of my garden and cooking. When I allow the scapes to grow and bloom, the tiny bulbils are the prize at the end of the day.

  • Nickie says:

    I remember the first time I realized how gorgeous Alliums are in the garden – I visited the Edinburgh Botanical Garden in Scotland and was stunned by the architectural grandeur of the flowers and plants. I agree that keeping some for beauty only adds to our enjoyment of garlic in the garden.

    Using other parts of garlic for our dining pleasure is an unexpected surprise. From the scape to the leaves. Or mix in some garlic chives for another flavor. Let’s think of the whole plant when we plant and enjoy garlic.

    By the way, I don’t think there is any reason to get rid of garlic smells as they only make me hungry, which is a good thing!

  • Bob L says:

    I would like win to try the German garlic.

  • Terry says:

    I love making hummus and pesto with fresh garlic from the garden. It looks nice in the fall garden when I always have some extra space.

  • Liz says:

    Would love to try pickled scapes! Anyone have a recipe?

  • wendy says:

    I was told when I was a youngster that garlic was good for me and that I could never eat too much. Thanks for the tips and thanks for the garlic contest.

  • Fun Lee says:

    Garlic automatically makes me a Master Chef. Using it in any way, shape or form elevates any food to a higher level. I heart garlic.

  • Tina S says:

    I love garlic in all shapes and sizes, raw or cooked.

  • Blue Oak Ranch says:

    Fat bulb in my hand
    Cleaving cloving dropping covering waiting
    First spear of green spring

  • Nadine says:

    Thanks to Peaceful Valley I’ve discovered so many wonderful blogs! Last year I planted garlic in a circle around one of my rose bushes to try to keep the deer away. It worked – first time in years I have seen a rose instead of a bud that vanishes in the night.

  • Jenny says:

    I love the smell of roasted garlic! Yum yum yum! I use coffee grounds to scrub the smell out of my cutting board.

  • Carol says:

    We’ve been trying to get rid of elephant garlic for years …. I never thought of it as an ornamental! Perhaps my attitude will change!

  • karenj says:

    I’ve been lovingly growing garlic (and onions and leeks and bears oh my!) for a number of years. It is an ingredient in a lot of our food, it is a staple in so many ways. No matter what, in savory foods garlic (in maybe a titch amount) is mandatory! I’m happy it’s healthy but damn Sam it’s the key ingredient to soooo much Culinary Delight for us.

    We’ll never have a year without it – even next year when we’re building and transitioning to a new house!!

  • Eleanor says:

    I love your site. 🙂 I really enjoyed your post on garlic too. I sure hope that I win. 🙂

  • Barb says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to try an heirloom variety. Thank you for your participation in this garlic-give-away.

  • MICHAEL says:

    I’d like to win some garlic because I want to find out if it tastes better home grown. Garlic is so cheap in the store, I wonder if I should give it precious garden space. I do like your idea of interplanting with other edibles. Very pretty.

  • Lisa B says:

    GARLIC! Say no more… would love some MORE Garlic! 🙂 So easy to grow and fun at every stage from green to bulbed. 🙂

  • Terry says:

    Garlic scapes make a fabulous pesto…

  • Jodell says:

    My grandmother used to make fried rice with butter and garlic and fry the eggs next to the rice. That was a fairly regular meal in my Asian side of the family. Garlic was used in all types of foods including my Grandfather’s Raw Fish recipe which I think is sugar, vinegar and garlic. My Filipino Ancestors resided on the coastlines of the Sea of China. Fermentation using garlic is part of many foods including the famous Chicken Adobo recipe that people often remember. That is another ferment processing with soy sauce, vinegar and garlic. It is very easy and also very good.
    The best and easiest way to get rid of the garlic smell is to make several dishes with garlic for several people. That way no one can smell it.

  • Farmer Tony says:

    I’m four years into growing garlic in the desert and I’ve got to say it’s great to grow here. I’m in charge of a school garden and it’s wonderful teaching the kids how cool garlic is. So far I’ve tried to California Early White and Music. I’m especially pleased with the flavor of Music. Thanks for this great chance to try new things, what fun!

  • Rob T says:

    I absolutely LOVE garlic. I use the scapes to make pesto, add a little olive oil and pine nuts, YUM!

  • Veronica V. says:

    I love fresh garlic on new potatos. my favorite summer dish.

  • Ron says:

    Hardneck garlic does add a different dimension to the garden with their nice long scapes. I try to use all my scapes up by cooking with them. But I will always leave any that bloom to show their beauty and add a little interest to a vegetable garden.

  • Julie R says:

    Why I would like to win? Peace of mind that I’m growing my own food & knowing exactly what has gone into the process.

  • Lethea B says:

    I have been researching and trying to learn about growing garlic for my family=D I would so love a chance to win this great package but even if I don’t I’m glad to have the info from your post!
    Thanks bunches=)

  • Billie Allemand says:

    I have grown garlic from what I ASSUME you are calling scapes — the little bulblets that grow in the pods at the upper ends of the growing plant? And I have no idea what variety they were, but they were good and grew easily. I have been thinking of trying some specific varieties to see if they were better, less/more garlicky, etc. I haven’t much room for gardening, so rather intersperse it in my flower beds.

  • dawson says:

    We love garlic as food and medicine. We press it into hot Miso soup and saute it with onions (making the house smell wonderful). Mixed with honey, it goes down well for medicinal purposes. We have a large family and use LOTS of garlic. I would like to try this one.

  • Lisa says:

    Great giveaway! I’m new to vegetable gardening and will try my first real garden in the spring. I am looking forward to growing garlic though. I cook with at least 1 garlic per day.

  • Chris Daniel says:

    I started growing hardneck garlic a few years ago. I bought it at a farmer’s market, and the seller did not know the varietal. I save the largest cloves and replant every year. An 800% return on investment! One thing I love about my garlic, is that the cloves are so large, that I never use my garlic press any more – mincing by knife is just too easy, and knife cleanup is so much simpler! I also find that the larger minced pieces retain more flavor in cooking than the goo that comes out of a garlic press.

  • Kara says:

    I love pretty much everything about garlic, but especially its magic healing powers: whenever I feel like I’m coming down with a cold, I make spicy chicken soup with about a million cloves of garlic (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration…) and it scares the cold away every time.

  • Deborah says:

    I find that all plants have eye appeal so I put my edible garden in my front yard. This is my second year growing garlic. Scapes are a very interesting property of garlic.

  • Amie says:

    I’ve always heard that if you rub your fingers on something made of stainless steel, it will take the smell from your hands. Hope I win!

  • Lisa Q says:

    After cutting up large amounts of garlic on my cutting board, I take 1/2 lemon or lime and handful of kosher salt and rub it hard into the cutting board. This takes aways the smell, then run the citrus thru the garbage disposal and clean that too…..what a great smell of citrus afterwards, Would love to try growing garlic this fall.

  • Kelly Kaiserian says:

    I planted garlic for the first time last year. It was so easy! I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but they turned out great! I dried and braided them. I enjoyed it so much I decided to make “garlic samplers” for all my friends for next year. That’s why I want to win some more garlic!

  • Will Perkins says:

    Here in Louisiana, we grow a softneck creole variety that I originally bought from a local farmer at the Red Stick Farmers Market in Baton Rouge. We have saved “seed” from this variety each year for going on five years now. We typically plant 600-800 ft of garlic each year for out CSA as it is one of the most popular items and can be added to member’s baskets each week until the end of the season. This past year, we had an abundance of very large (golf ball to tennis ball) sized undifferentiated bulbs that will be planted by the end of October. I expect that these will make huge bulbs once they have another growing season to expand and differenitate into toes. Visit our CSA blog site at to see what is going on down south.

  • Amber Jackson says:

    I grew garlic for the first time last year, it turned out great, large bulbs and good structure, etc. we took it out of the ground, I put it out to dry then it was mysteriously moved to a new place and not a good one and about half of it rotted. ACK… the trials and tribulations of first timers… I would love to try out some dfferent kinds of garlic to see what works the best.

  • Dara Ballow-Giffen says:

    When I want a more mild garlic flavor, I put garlic cloves with skin in a dry pan over low-medium heat. Once the skin is brown spotted, I take them off heat, allow them to cool and peel them. This is great for uncooked dishes where you want a more subtle garlic flavor – salad dressings, guacamole, etc.

  • Catelyn O says:

    I Have never grown garlic before, but I would really like to. I keep reading about all the health and medicinal benefits of garlic. I am on medications for depression and other things and because of the medicines I cannot take medications for cold, flu and other seasonal ailments, I just have to tough it out. My body also had a resistance to antibiotics. So anyway to cheaply boost my immune system is a must. we bought a chickens this spring thanks to our city laws allowing chickens, and my husband built a chicken coop based on a design that has a herb garden planted on top. Garlic would make a great first plant for it!!

  • myna lee says:

    for garlic smell on hands: touch stainless steel such as the faucet in your kitchen sink

  • krysia elliott says:

    I did the same in my flower bed. this is my first time planting garlic and I can’t wait to eat it.

  • curt says:

    Separate the cloves
    remove the papery skin
    use a large knife such as a santoku
    place the knife over a clove (PARALLEL WITH THE COUNTER)
    tap the knife with your other hand hard enough to just crack the clove but not mash it
    cut through the root end just enough to not go through the other side and peel

    reduces the amount of juice that gets on your fingers by a lot!

  • Elena DELacy says:

    I love garlic! It really is a beautiful plant…

  • Mary says:

    My favorite mnemonic for growing garlic that I share with new growers in my area (Great Lakes) is to plant around Labor day and harvest around the 4th of July. It helps hem remember to wait for it.

  • Milena says:

    Garlic is a wonderful treatment for scrapes, it’s antibacterial properties kill germs and help stave off an infection. I use garlic in just about everything, we are a salt free family due to high blood pressure so using garlic instead of salt in meals is a must. I would love to be able to harvest our own, everything tastes better home grown!

  • Susan says:

    I love your idea of planting in small groups. That way when the gophers invade and wipe out one you still have others. There’s nothing more infuriating as watching a gopher slowly work their way down an entire row of garlic. I also can’t wait to try eating the scapes. I’ve never tried that. Love making pesto with the garlic we grow. I have a winter’s worth in the freezer.

  • Holly Windsong Greenwood says:

    I get rid of garlic smell on my hands by washing with Ecover brand lemon dishwashing liquid. This company has won awards for its green manufacturing and I’ve found this product is excellent at degreasing plastic surfaces, eliminating fungal and bacterial spores from fresh produce, and washing dishes for a multitude. It never leaves a residue to sicken anyone, because it’s an all natural product that rinses very well.

    Love the graphics on your website. I visit for inspiration with my edible landscaping.

  • Jenny TB says:

    What I love about garlic as a food is that it can make any dish taste and smell more amazing. I’m teaching myself to cook and if I start sautéing garlic in the pan I know that the food is going to taste REALLY good. Plus , I just posted on another blog that you can chew 1 or 2 raw garlic cloves to help get rid of cold symptoms like sore throat and congestion.

    Thanks for your post and this giveaway. I had no idea that garlic flowers are so pretty. Plus, I’m working with a small gardening space like you, so the picture of how you plant your garlic really helps!

  • Christel Billes says:

    Use a garlic press made from aluminum. It does not carry any smell, even when rinsed just with water.
    Garlic is delicious, versatile and healthy.
    I would love to win because I recently exceeded my gardening budget.

  • Jolie Adam says:

    Like everyone here, I LOVE garlic! I’ll eat it until the smell is coming out of my skin. My mother in law taught me that adding salt to the cutting board as you’re chopping helps to break it down. Also, when I’m feeling under the weather, I’ll make a garlic lemon or limeade.

  • Heather says:

    I’m so glad I found out about you through Peaceful Valley Organics. What a great idea to incorporate edibles into the landscape. I’m going to definately interplant some garlic with my other flowers. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Since garlic is a long season plant, I grow it in the middle of my large raised beds, an area which isn’t the easiest to reach. Since I don’t need to get to it often, it’s a perfect match.

    I’ve eaten garlic bulbils in dishes where I need a milder garlic flavor.

    Hey, what gardener *wouldn’t* like free garlic?

  • Mary Wagner-Davis says:

    I’m so excited to read your Blog! I was going to forgo garlic this year thinking I didn’t have room. I’m sure I can find dome spots in my yard to put some drifts. I can add yo my stores and the bees will multiply my other crops!

  • Amy says:

    Garlic means friendship to me. When my best friend visits from WI, she brings garlic in her bag across the USA to family and friends. She always hands it to me adding,” you can never have enough garlic”. And like the Amish Friendship yeast doughs, I can divide the garlic into cloves, and pass it on to other friends. I can even save some garlic to re-plant in my garden next year. Garlic to me is about giving. Whether you’re a softy or a stiff-neck, you can be a good friend and winter any storm if you know the magic of garlic.

  • Carol says:

    Love the taste and medicinal properties of garlic…helps keeping my blood pressue under control. I would love to win, since planting from those grocery store bulbs definitely does not work! Can you tell I’m a neophyte?

  • monique says:

    garlic tip – the first season i planted garlic a good percentage of my bulbs did not keep in storage (30%) and i was so disappointed that last season i opted to freeze about 30% of my garlic bulbs. in order to do this i first separate and peel each clove. place the cloves on a plate and put into freezer overnight or just long enough to freeze. then, after frozen place them all in a freezer bag (i opted for a bag that i could remove the air out of – like a seal a meal). freezing them first allows them to easily be separated when you pull them out to use. it turned out great and i intend on doing this each year to a portion of my garlic crop. anytime i was making my soup and in a hurry i could simply open the bag, pull out a few cloves and crush them into the soup.

  • Gail says:

    I would like to win the garlic giveaway so that I can share with friends that have enjoyed my talking up this garlic planting time of year. I love the ideas to plant garlic throughout landscaping!

  • Felicia says:

    This is my third year growing garlic, and the heads are never very big, so instead of getting garlic smelling each time I need a clove, I peel it all. Chop it all. and freeze it in olive oil. Perfect way to start meals! Throw frozen cube in pan, let it melt and then start cooking!

  • Beth Lloyd says:

    I also grow garlic for both its cullinary uses , as well as it’s astetics in my garden. But there is also the medicinal uses of it, going back as far as the Egyptians. One thing I suffered from ,since childhood, is ear aches & infections. I found ( years ago) that a few drops in the infected ear, followed by a small piece of cotton, not only will ease the pain of infection, but actually kills the bacteria or fugus that caused the problem to begin with. YEAH! No need for antibiotics!!!

  • Pam Ferry says:

    I grow it interspersed in the garden and in its own bed. And I would like to win cause you can never have too much garlic !

  • Shirley N says:

    Would love to add garlic to my garden, have NEVER grown it my self. How exciting. I love the drift idea and plan to use it in the future. Thank you for sharing your ideas and this GREAT give away.

    Have a God Filled Day

  • Janet Malone says:

    I’ve states adding raw grated garlic to my dog’s food to boost her immune system. I plan to do the same for myself as soon as I work up the nerve to eat raw garlic.

  • First of all, I loved seeing your garden, as it is diverse, and looks well loved. I love garlic for its nutritional value, lovely earthy smell, wonderful transformational smell in my cooking, healing properties, and most of all its taste especially in breads and pasta. Thank you for the chance to win some.

  • Judy Sundermann says:

    Wow, this is fun! I never thought of planting the bulbs in drifts. I’m going to do that as I have pretty good luck with bulbs. I’m excited to try some of the new varieties. Thanks for your blog.

  • Ishbel says:

    Our Elephant Garlic grows to be about 5 feet tall! An excellent addition to any ornamental space. I leave some scapes on (for beauty) and remove others (for production). Two planted near each other appear to interact with each other. One day they will be nearly intertwined and by morning they could be leaning away from each other. I’d love to record a time lapse.
    When it comes to eating it, I love to cut the top of the giant bulb off, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and wrap in foil. Bake in oven on about 300 degrees till soft. Squeeze the cloves and spread the super delicious roasted garlic on crusty bread. YUM!

  • Debbie says:

    Planted my first bed of garlic this week, but didn’t order nearly enough! Would love to have a new variety to add to and finish up my bed. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Grace says:

    I love growing garlic for the fantastical beauty of their scapes. They also seem to help with pest control. I would love to try a new variety!

  • jerilee costa says:

    I love the tall, stately, orderly look of garlic in the garden. Little soldiers all lined up with treasures forming below.

  • Stephanie says:

    I have not grown garlic before and I’d like to because it seems pretty easy and also because I use it ALL of the time! It would be much more satisfying harvesting garlic from my own garden and using it to cook and preserve with.

  • Laura Johnson says:

    A hint- if you are going to mince garlic and want to peel it. Lay it flat and smack it with the side of a large knife. It crushes it a bit and the peel is just about knocked off .

  • Angie says:

    I would love to win this garlic so I can plant some more in drifts like you do.
    Love your idea! I have already planted some garlic this fall but now I want to plant more in
    with my kale, chard and herbs.

  • Claudette says:

    I’m relatively new to the edible garden scene, and garlic intrigues me! Beautiful, tasty, and you can totally plant it in the front yard without the nosy neighbors getting hung up on HOA rule—what’s not to love?!?

  • Colette says:

    I love garlic. I put it in almost everything I cook. One of the fun games a friend and I do is to try to think of foods that would not be improved by the use of either chocolate or garlic. Let me tell you, not much makes the list! But the best thing about garlic is knowing that it is healthy as well as tasty.

  • Diane says:

    Oooo, pick me! I would love to win some garlic because I’ve just moved to a new place, and I have to start from scratch on creating my garden.

  • Jennifer says:

    I’ve only tried growing garlic once and my elderly neighbor decided the leaves were too close to the fence and broke all of them bending them over towards my yard. 🙁 The pot will definitely come in handy.

  • I am in the Plant, Landscape, and Turf Management Program At Chippewa Valley Technical College and would plant the garlic in our greenhouse. I love garlic and try to eat some daily for its medicinal properties, also. Thanks for considering me.

  • Mary Jean says:

    I love garlic; my entire family loves garlic (good thing lol)
    Especially love garlic bread YUM
    First attempt at planting garlic this year—got 2 garlic bulbs; split them apart into the individual cloves; took all the skin off the cloves and planted. THEN watched video where I saw NOT to take the skin off the cloves.
    Ready to do it right—-hope I win

  • Shannon says:

    I have just moved to the PNW and bought a house with lots of yard potential. My goal is to do lots of edible landscaping if I can learn how!! I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of me 🙂 I would love to start with some garlic! And free is fabulous!!

  • Jen says:

    Need more garlic! planted my first garlic last year and was thrilled with the results. I need more experience to get the big beautiful stuff.

  • carrie s says:

    I would like to win as I am canning all my own food to get away from GMO and I would like to use the garlic in my spaghetti sauce

  • Jackie Isler says:

    Hi – I grew hardneck last year for the first time. I like it because I think it is a better keeper.

  • Vickie Westcamp says:

    I eat a lot of garlic…. a lot! So, I guess I should try my hand at growing some. BTW, love your site. Was reading around and in the “preserve” section I read an article about how there is BPA in canning lids! I did not know that and I am very disappointed that a known carcinogen continues to impact our food supplies in sneaky ways like this! Anyway, thanks for the info – will be putting your site into my favorites!

  • Lynn says:

    Garlic, glorious garlic! Love it for the taste- can add such an amazing aspect and depth to dishes.

  • Emily says:

    I want garlic so I can have a winter garden

  • Bladepdx5 says:

    Get rid of the smell? Who would want to get rid of the smell of garlic? It smells like home to me.

    We plant the bulbs in the borders of our garden boxes. We just started eating the scapes this year, but I still let a few flower for the bees. The bees just love allium flowers (and artichoke blooms!). I’ve even used garlic flowers as edible decoration.

  • Barbara H says:

    Would like to try this veriety.

  • I love growing garlic. It is easy and very satisfying. I haven’t planted mine yet. Gotta get going!

  • Linda Bostwick says:

    I love your philosophy of inter mingling plants. I could sure use some German garlic to keep those vampires away. Thanks

  • ooops. I forgot to tell you that I use garlic as a mix with hot pepper to keep bad bugs off of my organic grown vegetable plants. Garlic is also great for keeping the bad bugs (viruses and other heebee jeebies) off of me when I eat it every day!

  • Jen. says:

    I love garlic for the scapes for pesto, plus the lovely bulbs that keep on giving.

  • Kay says:

    I love garlic, and i’d love to try growing some in my front yard garden

  • Coriena says:

    I love garlic! It is not only tasty and an important ingredient in my favorite sauce, pesto, it is also medicinal and can help you fight off sickness! Everyone should grow, and eat, garlic!

  • Mary G says:

    I’ve found that if I use hand lotion about 20 minutes before I start cooking, the garlic smell doesn’t seep into my hands as much.

  • kateri says:

    I’ve grown hardneck garlic for years and have always picked the dramatically curled scapes for flower arrangements. It was only two years ago that I learned that the scapes are edible as well!

  • Ana Salgado says:

    I love cooking with garlic. I put it in all my mexican dishes and when I saute shrimp…Mmm the more garlic the better!

  • Karen H says:

    I wish everything was as easy to grow as garlic

  • JiLL says:

    We are not the only ones who get to eat garlic on our farm but we feed it mixed into everybody else’s food too (Goats, pigs, rabbits, dogs, and cats). It does wonders to keep everyone healthy and is my go to herb for the beginnings of any ailment.

  • Mimi says:

    I love how spicey homegrown garlic can be. I never experienced spicey garlic until I started to grow it.

  • I love trying new varieties of garlic to see which grow best and keep longest for me.

  • Randy Simmons says:

    We grow hardneck Spanish Roja and softneck Loicano. Spanish Roja is our all purpose garlic. The Loicano is used mostly for brushetta, even in winter when store bought tomatoes a yuck.
    I would like to expand to even supply Italian restaurants in the area, but have no extra room in the garden, so after reading- now I can look around between ornamentals. Thanks, Randy

  • Smmrsvr says:

    Kiss garlicky hands goodbye with this quick tip:
    When you’re prepping before cooking, first mince the garlic, then chop the onions (will help neutralize the garlic stronger odor), then finally rub your hands with all that parsley or cilantro leftover from last night’s cooking. Try it out.
    Thanks for the contest!

  • Linda says:

    Theresa, I’m with you! Make it beautiful if you can…I garden just like you and will have to show you a picture of what I’m working on right now. Maybe you can give me some good tips.

    Go here for current garden project:

    Thanks for your column, I like it a lot!

  • Claire Cornish says:

    home-made kale chips made with garlic- yum!

  • krakatoa says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! I like growing garlic as an edible ornamental, those first green shoots in the spring and the curly scapes are great.

  • Beth says:

    I love garlic because it makes every savory dish that much tastier! If my hands smell like garlic, which they usually do after I cook, I find a cut lemon or lime helps to take the smell away.

  • Maxus says:

    I would love to win this because I have tried planting garlic and it failed. I believe this garlic giveaway is just my thing!

  • Sidge Chapman says:

    I have an herb, pepper and tomato garden at the moment. I’d love to try growing garlic.

  • Elizabeth Victory says:

    I would love to win some garluc because last year was the first year I grew it, so I am just a newbie, but I am totally hooked! I can’t wait to try out more varieties!

  • medolark says:

    I love the smell of garlic because it reminds me of my next door neighbor, “Gramma Colter” we called her. She raised garlic and was a great cook. She use to give us homemade french bread shaped like crabs and the outside was rubbed with garlic. Hmmmm brings back memories. I use lemon juice to rid my hands of fresh onions so perhaps it would work for garlic. Garlic is good for you and it’s fun to grow so I’m ready to try some more new varieities. Ü

  • I love garlic and need more of it in my life! Now I’m craving pesto, garlic bread and wine! Mmm Mmm!

  • Jacqueline says:

    Am excited to start growing garlic this coming year.

  • Dawn says:

    I would love to win some garlic because we are trying to grow as much of our own food as possible to save money and to eat healthier. I planted 2 varieties of garlic this year (my first year) as that was what I could afford. I would love to have another variety to try. Thank so much for all the info you have provided and I love reading the comments and have saved some to a file for future reference. Very helpful!

  • Jennie says:

    I love garlic! Last year was the first time I tried growing it, and it was so easy! One garlic tip I have is that to me, hardneck varieties are easier to peel because of their thick skin and they don’t have the itty bitty inner cloves.

  • Anna Maloy says:

    I would love to win this because I am a new gardener. I’m still afraid to spend money on things until I know that I can grow it. This would be a wonderful way for me to try my hand at garlic growing. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  • Johanna says:

    If you enjoy cooking with garlic, I highly recommend getting a really good garlic press – it eliminates having to peel the cloves, and most of the time you can avoid getting garlic smell embedded into your fingernails (not that I know from experience what that’s like…) we have a Pampered Chef press and I love it. We refer to it as the “Garlic Gun” as we load it up with cloves.

    Otherwise, vinegar does a swell job at neutralizing most any type of scent, garlic included!

  • Louise says:

    Simply scapes! I wash my hands with lemon juice and kosher salt.

  • MiSchelle says:

    I’m so glad you joined the garlic party. This is my first visit to your blog and I can’t wait to read more.

    My tip: If you grow hardneck garlic be sure to harvest the scapes and make pesto. It is very tasty.

  • The Subversive Hippie says:

    I’ve never grown garlic before, but my father has. I’d love to win so I can add growing garlic organically to my repertoire.

  • Christie says:

    Lime or lemon both work to get rid of the odor. The rind is better than the juice! To Michael above: garlic is definitely worth the space, homegrown is MUCH better than store-bought.

  • Emily says:

    I would love to get this!

  • Lisa says:

    Hello! I just discovered your site and love it!

    Well, I have a great tip for peeling garlic. I really struggle with peeling it quickly (as I’m sure a lot of you do.) One day on Martha Stewart I saw them talk about this interesting garlic peeler. It’s basically a tube of rubber. Stick the clove in there, press and roll and voila! Out comes peeled garlic. I couldn’t believe it so I bought one myself (E-Z Roll Garlic Peeler – check it on Anyway IT WORKED! Now I reach for my little green tool and a fresh clove instead of a jar of crushed garlic. If you don’t like peeling garlic, look into that peeler.

    *oh no I see I’ve missed the deadline by two days. :*( cries* I just discovered your blog yesterday. Sad for me*

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